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Thyroid levels for me and my sister

My last two thyroid tests were: 30/9/13 TSH 1.53 FT4 16 and 30/01/14 TSH 0.58 FT4 15.1. I have to have another blood test middle of March and my doc upped my thyroxine to 125mcg at my visit on 30th Jan. I still feel exhausted and wondered what my readings signify and how high I can take my thyroxine dose. My blood pressure is 95/55 and I get incredibly dizzy on standing, my temperature is also below normal and I have terrible 'brain fog' and my memory is pretty much shot. My GP is fab by the way and is doing her best to help - do I need to see and endocrinologist?

My sisters were TSH7 and FT4 12 - she is really struggling and seems to feel worse than I do. She is getting no real help and is really struggling. She is really really angry all the time ( I don'think this is her thyroid but she does) and feels terrible also with awful brain fog. Any suggestions for either of us would be great. Our first cousin died from a thyroid related cancer in her forties and we have other relatives all on the same side with thyroid problems.

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Oh my goodness, I'm sorry you're both so unwell.

Do you have ranges for your results? And have you had your t3 or antibodies tested?

My first thoughts are that you don't seem to be responding to your t4 and perhaps you're not converting it. This is how I felt on t4 alone too. If you have a good gp you may be able to get a trial of t3 to see if it helps. An endo is a double-edged sword. A good endo is good but a bad endo is worse than no endo at all. :-) If you get a good one it may help but if your gp has a good attitude I don't know what she couldn't do for you that you'd get from an endo at this stage. Maybe someone else here will have a different opinion - ?

It would be good if your gp would test your iron, ferritin, b12, d and folate. Being low in these nutrients can make it difficult to use your t4.

It's hard to pull the threads apart as illness can make anyone lose their temper but when I was hypo I felt cold and lacking in loving emotions and often very angry.

Your sister's results - keeping in mind there are no ranges - look very low with high tsh and she needs meds. Why is she not being treated?


Thanks - I've just spoken to her and she has been put on meds but only 75mcg of thyroxine. She's coming to stay for a few days today so I'll try and find out a bit more from her and suggest she set up her own profile on here. I'm not sure the endos in Wales are much cop tbh. The GP asked for t3 on my last test and the lab didn't do it! so will ask for it next time. I'm not anaemic as I was tested for iron on my last blood test but I've only spoken to the receptionist who told me all my results were normal and it was a fight to get my thyroid levels from her. am sure they didn't test any of the other 4 though. Will find out.


If your dose was only changed on 30th Jan then it's been, what, 3 weeks now? T4 changes in dose can take 4-8 weeks to feel full benefit from, though usually it would be felt by 4-6 weeks. So it's probably a tad too early to tell if 125mcg is enough for you.

Hard to be sure about your sisters results without ranges, but TSH 7 sounds quite high and that she's very likely underactive/not enough medication I'd guess. fT4 at 12, by a lot of ranges also sounds probably gonna be low in range but best to get the ranges to be sure. Either way, if she's feeling so symptomatic then unless she's just had a dose increase and is waiting for it to take effect, then it's probably worth her talking to her doctor about one.


Thanks for the replies. I'll persevere until my next blood test in March. I had no idea that any of the other blood tests should be done so will go armed with a list. Will also get my sister to go back to her docs with all this info. thanks folks.


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