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I can relate to most of these.been dismissed by my gp since last august

You walk into the doctor’s office with telltale physical signs of hypothyroidism, including swelling of your face especially the eyelids and below the eyes, obvious signs of fatigue, loss of the outer third of your eyebrows, dry thinning hair, pale dry skin, red irritated dry eyes, cold clammy hands and feet, brittle ridged nails, slowed reflexes, enlarged tongue, hoarseness of voice. Your doctor has no idea your physical symptoms are due to hypothyroidism.

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Have you had your meeting yet with the 2 GP's and practice manager yet ? or is it tomorrow?


Apply for a copy of your records through the data subject request Act

hi it was someone else having the meeting not me

Hi Sorry :)

Was reading your other post and want to say hope everything goes well for you with your op

I know when I had a pre op assessment they actually picked up my undermedicated hypo. .

I agree dogs are a man's/woman best friends in many instances and are especially sensitive to their owners when they not well.


Have you written a formal letter of complaint to the Practice Manager? That should be your first step. You could always say that you're being ignored and GPs are out of their depth

GPs are being revalidated and any complaints would be looked at.

At the end of the day, GPs are well protected by the General Medical Council who act as medical Mafia and think they're answerable to nobody. The system is rotten to the core.

I got an email back from the PM today saying (once again)she has passed it to my DR.underneath her name it said she is practice manager and partner and also local director for obviously writing to the CCG will be a complete waste of time.

have written letters to my gp and practice manager last week requesting referrals,the last time she just referred it back to the doctor.if I wait until have results and tests from Hospital and they prove him wrong then i can take it fa r PALS and other organisations ahve been less than cooperative

Next step is the General Medical Council, another NHS Mafioso.

My complaint that consisted of serious allegations resulted in them writing me a one-liner as way of response! They clearly did not give a stuff so shall be writing a suitably spiky reply.

We all need to be a thorn in the side of these gentlemen's clubs as whilst they feel unanswerable to the public then they'll continue with their arrogance and contempt for patients.

looked at gmc website-it looks like they wont deal with complaints about what a consultant has written in his final letter to GP when facts arent correct?so whewe do oyu go?

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