Hi I am sorry about this, joined this community some ago and for many reasons have not continued (mainly being power and computer problems)

If it is okay will tell my story again,had a result of 7.7 on underactive in about November, was put on 0.05 m thyroxin, after about a month I felt great then started feeling terrible again. Went back to my Doc who said I was depressed and did not want to test again. He put me on anti depressants Went to his his partner who tested me, phoned me back and said results normal but did not say what they were. I tried the anti depressants for nearly 2 weeks and nearly lost my mind. Had a terrible reaction to them (have had bad reaction to about 5 diff. types of ADs now). Is it possible for a person to have a bad reaction like to this to ADs if they are not depressed ( I am convinced that I am not)

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I am confused about your dose of Throxine. That is not a dose I know. Mostly are in micrograms such as 25, 50, or a 100. I think you need to post the last thyroid results together with reference ranges and people here will advise. You are entitled to have them, so just ring and ask. I feel sure you just need a proper dose, which is gradually increased, until you improve. I am very against any kind of anti depressant, especially when you are hypo and are trying to get the dose right. Any chance of changing your GP? I do not think this one is helping you much.

Thanks Hennerton for your speedy reply. I am confused about everything! I am a bit intimidated by my GP and do not feel confident to phone and ask him for my exact thyroid results. I think that my best route is to try and find another GP. What makes me think that my thyroid is low is that apart from the fatigue, I have tingling back in my left hand and arm again. I like to walk for an hour every day but cannot as I just get so giddy and am afraid that I will fall. Maybe they name doses differently here in Zimbabwe?

Your dose is expressed in MILLIGRAMS whereas in the UK we use MICROGRAMS.

0.05 mg is 50 mcg


Thanks Helvella, that is very helpful

HI again Hennerton, did you get my reply? Think I may have pressed the wrong buttons!

Re anti-depressants - yes some people can have bad reactions.

50mcg may be too low a dose for you. You can go to the surgery and ask the receptionist for a copy of your last thyroid gland blood tests. We are entitled and if we are going to have any chance of getting better, we have to know the results and it must have the ranges on it too (the ranges are in brackets). Some GP's believe keeping us 'within the range' is the right thing to do but many of us need a very low or suppressed TSH to feel better. We also need to be pro-active and learn as much as possible.


Hi Shaws thanks for your answer. Phoned my GPs surgery and spoke to the sister who informed me that my tsh level on last test results from his partner were- she said tsh was 0.88 - t3 was 3.8 and another result which I never caught was 17.6 (sorry could not hear her)- does that sound normal?

Unfortunately, as labs differ in their ranges for the tests members need the ranges to offer some advice. That's why, if at all possible, to get a print-out/copy from the surgery.

Just because blood tests may be low, that doesn't mean we feel well as doctors presume. Lots of us when first medicated begin to feel well then clinical symptoms come back, that's when the GP should increase the dose again.

This is an excerpt from a doctor who treated many patients. Dr Skinner and Dr Peatfield also did the same:-

Our treatment team uses the TSH level only initially to help clarify a patient’s thyroid status. But during treatment, we completely ignore the level. The reason is that the TSH level is totally irrelevant to normalizing the patient’s whole body metabolism and relieving his or her suffering. The only clinical value of the TSH level is to see the effect of a particular dose of thyroid hormone on the pituitary gland’s "thyrotroph" (TSH-secreting) cells.


Another excerpt:-

There are two potential sources I know of for people feeling awful when they are on T4-replacement. One source is the extremely low dosage that doctors typically prescribe nowadays. A low dose of T4 can effectively reduce TSH secretion. The lower TSH can in turn lower the thyroid gland’s output of thyroid hormone. At the same time, low-dose T4 may not compensate for the thyroid gland’s reduced output of thyroid hormone. The patient then has too little thyroid hormone to properly regulate the metabolism of most of her body’s tissues. She then ends up with abnormally low metabolism and troubling hypothyroid symptoms.


Go to the date April 22, 2007 to read the whole question/answer.

Thanks so much for that. I have seen when glancing at my file that test results are just written on the back and there is no print out. I think my best bet is to go for a second opinion. Once I have done that will let you know what his opinion is. Thanks again for you help

Yes, ask to be referred to an Endocrinologist. Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org has she has a list of sympathetic NHS Endos/private doctors and one might be near you.

Even without the range I think your FT3 result is LOW...based on other resultws I have seen. This is what the T4 tablet must convert into. T3 is needed in every cell of your body and the brain has the most receptors for T3 - the gut the second highest. We have trillions and trillions of cells in the body and they all need T3. With such a low dose of T4 there is possibly not enough converting into T3 for the brain - and so things begin to go wrong. Imagine your car battery running down.... :-) Depression is so often part of the thyroid condition and there is lots out there on the net. The 17.6 result is possibly the FT4 and this too could be a little higher....

Do you have Hashimotos ? Did they test your anti-bodies ? Have they tested B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD - they all need to be high in their ranges for the T4 to work efficiently and for you to feel well...

So much for you to think about - and learn. So much useful advice from so many good people here - and I have learnt so much. Hope you do too.......

Thank you Marz, this is really encouraging. I am so sick and tired of feeling like this and it is starting to cause problems in my marriage as my husband is convinced that I am imagining things. All I want to do is lead a normal life - have heard of a Dr. in my little town who is really good and will try and see him, if he fobs me off I will then find another course . Two years ago I was very low on folate and iron, falling all over the place. I saw my doctor write down my diagnosis as alcoholism because he said the way I was shaking was a toxic reaction- was horrified. Once I finally got onto the folic pills I felt much better. MY b12 seems to fluctuate.


I think you may have been given this link on another post from hampster1 - who is so very helpful with B12 and PA. Do you have gut issues ? Have a good read of the MAIN Thyroid UK website - address at the top of the page in BIG letters !! Everything a girl needs to know and you will know more than your Doc. May I suggest you write a shopping list or a To do List and write everything down that needs testing - articles to read - books to read. After eight years since diagnosis I still need to refer back to posts/articles/information and remind myself about the things I need to be doing. B12 is so dependent on good absorption and is mostly absorbed in the terminal ileum ( I don't have one - see my profile ! ) B12 has recently been connected to brain shrinkage - research done by Professor Smith at Oxford University. He did a presentation at the Pernicious Anaemia Conference about it - but I read somewhere that you cannot watch videos....so haven't sent it. Maybe see if you can find an article about it....

You haven't mentioned your age - please don't feel you have to - it's just that I was thinking of your husband and if he was over 60 he may soon start to have a prostate problem - well that's invisible too - so hang in there your turn will come :-) :-)

Thanks again Marz. I am 63 and my husband is 64. Def no problem there, we are a bit past it. Have been married 39 years and I have always been able to manage things , he can't understand why I am suddenly becoming so lethargic. I just find it so confusing that this whole lot is so complicated!

ps Marz, have no gut issues. Am told kidneys, liver etc all in perfect condition

according to blood tests

..just meant about him not understanding your health issues as they are invisible !!... it just may be his turn one day so you can get your own back !! So glad you have healthy kidneys, gut and liver....so now for the To Do List :-)

Gee thanks Marz you have been so helpful , so was hampster1, followed her link to b12 and I have many of they symptoms that are mentioned. At this stage I think that my best option is to find a doctor who will listen to me! From what I am hearing this new Doc that has been recommended to me is very open to listening. Will try and book an appointment and hope for the best

I wish you all the very best with the new Doc. Don't forget to take your list of questions - and could you take a supportive friend with you ? Make notes - and just be polite but FIRM. Let us know how you get along....

Personally I have learnt more on this forum than I have done from any Doc - apart from one - a private one in the UK who gave me the confidence to listen to my body - monitor myself - and generally get on with it :-) I live in Crete....have a few people from Zim around us here....

Marz, have a friend who is so defensive of me, a lot of my friends who know the sort of person I was are worried at what I am now. Shunning invitations to everything when I really used to enjoy social occasions. My friend is a fireball and will probably be my spokesperson!

...glad to hear :-)

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