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letter changed so appropriate for my dr

During my visits to you,I have expressed concerns that my symptoms are typical of those of ovarian cancer.I have spoken to you about some of the issues I have,but it still leaves weight loss/gain issues and symptoms of hypo/hyper thyroidism and possibly lupus unresolved.

I have obtained copies of some of my blood test results and see they are within range but it is still a major concern that symptoms are not being taken into consideration alongside blood tests.My CA125 results although only slightly elevated are still above range and because any weight gain is all abdominal-having lost weight in other areas-as well as other symptoms this leads to concerns it is ovarian cancer.

Research shows that ovarian cancer is often misdiagnosed and lies undetected for a long time as symptoms mimic other conditions and is often mistaken for a bowel condition(IBS) and that it is known as "THE SILENT KILLER" and that the CA 125 test is not always reliable.

I would like to be referred for investigative scans for thyroid symptoms and symptoms of ovarian cancer and for referrals to the appropriate consultants.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours Sincerely

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Very good send it


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