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feeling lost

I have been on 50mcg Levothyroxine since DEC 10th and now I feel even worse, I don't feel as tired but everything else seems worse.

I am forgetting everything, i was leaving work the other day got to the secured staff car park only to forgot where i parked my car thinking someone had stole it i got myself into a write state on the verge of tears, I am a PA and lost the USB stick with the management meeting minutes and documents on it and everyday this bloody forgetfulness is getting worse and I really punish myself as last year i had a photographic memory.

I have made an appointment to go and see my DR but this is not until the end of the month i really feel i need more medication is it bad to think that way?????

I am such a mess at the moment and hate feeling like this.#

Sorry rant over.

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Did you have the tests that Moggie suggested some three weeks ago - B12 Ferritin Folate Iron VitD - ? They all need to be HIGH in their ranges.

Your symptoms sound like

Also 50mcg is a starter dose in many cases. Do you have Hashimotos....


Hi Marz,

No not as yet but have not really seen the DR at all just had first bloods and call to ask me to go and start medication so hopefully i can discuss with him and see what bring up what i have learnt from here,

I don't think I have hashimotos but will also ask for the test if possible.


Just a quick update,

Had the Dr's last night and took with a list of symptoms and highlighted the ones I am still suffering with.

Also asked the Dr to check my throat as again it feels swollen inside not out, feels like food is stuck.

He checked my neck and said that he cannot feel anything at the moment but sometimes it can swell inside, he will re check in three months and if need be then to send me for a scan he said the hospital would not scan at the moment as the goiter is not swelling outwards and it does not affect me eating its just not a nice feeling. I am ok with this.

He has increased my dosage of levo from 50 micro to 100 micro and will do a new blood test in three months.

I think I am lucky that he did not want to do a blood test before the increase but listened to me and read my list of problems im still having.

I am hoping to start to feel better soon.


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