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Blood sugar lows-thyroid or age?

I'm 57 on 50mcg Levo and feel reasonably ok-but for the last year and a half have had incidents where if not eaten for a few hours-even if not hungry -I get panicky low blood sugar symptoms just wondered if it was age or a hypo thyroid issue?

I've been on the Levo for 3 years now and various supplements including Vit D -I get the SAD thing in Jan so allowing for that as well.Synthetic high dose vit D doesn't go down well so am trying low mcg supermarket brands to top up.

Any comments appreciated-by the way I've written off the first 6 weeks of the year as here in the north of England we have grey skies most of the time but especially bad from Jan to March.

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I would suggest that your 50mcg of T4 is too low a dose - and some would say just a starter dose. Do you have copies of recent bloodtests with ranges as that would help us be more constructive.

You also need to have B12 Ferritin folate Iron and VitD at the TOP of their ranges for good absorption of the T4 and the conversion into T3. You are taking VitD - what was your result ? Low B12 can make you feel low too....

Perhaps the above link will give you some idea of the seriousness of B12 deficiency. Sadly Docs do not have enough knowledge on the topic...

Do hope you soon feel better - and hopefully the sun will soon shine...

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Hi Have you had a Diabetes test, Hb1Ac is best? or better still 6 hour fasting and glucose, bloods in out patient. Diabetes is autoimmune and hormonal, similar symptoms and often go together. Often low sugar is a symptoms of borderline, then best for the diabetic diet. other than that if "simple " low sugar you need a carb eg a biscuit ( not a sweet) every 2 hours, if not eating a meal.

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Thanks Jackie-I've had one-negative. I think I just need to watch my eating habits and not go over 4 hours without food.

Also I think adrenals come into it.

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Low levels of cortisol can give u episodes of hypoglycemia. Maybe an adrenal saliva test could help. Also try a low glycemic diet with smaller more frequent meals to avoid blood sugar highs and lows.


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