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Is too much calcium from the para thyroid related to under active thyroid disease?

I have had been hypothyroid for over 30 years and latterly have a range of symptoms. I have now been told by my GP (one of many) that my parathyroid is making too much calcium. I have been suffering with a lot of bone and muscle aches which seems to be getting worse. Can anyone shed any light please? Thanks Harper

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The parathyroids don't make calcium, they release parathyroid hormone which controls calcium levels, this might help explain it


This is a link re the Parathyroid Gland:-


Hi I recently had a mammogram, which showed calciforcation in my L breast I was given a biopsy and had a marker inserted and it will be used in future test , were Neg ,does this indicate, that calcium can deposit in soft tissue, is another issue with Hypo and Levo 125 mic


Hi if the calcium is over range ( corrected calcium) it is important to stop taking any vitD.It is all Endo. If you have a test for PTH, Calcium and vit D , done together , must be AM, all high, or 2 high and D high for you. over range.Then if out of range. GP is not correct. You then need a nuclear scan and CT together for PTH, no other way, large teaching hospital, and also an ultra sound of thyroid. If there is a problem shown with PTH, essential to have surgery. This can be separate from thyroid disease but is Endo. PTH can cause very serious conditions , also thyroid, and is easily corrected. in the mean time if corrected calcium reaches 3, after 2 consecutive tests, you need to go into hospital for an IV, dangerous, but calcium over 3 more so.

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Chapter 12 in Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfields book - The Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy - does mention the connection in the control of calcium. The job of the parathyroids is to keep the calcium in the blood in quite a narrow range. When calcium levels are high in the blood then the thyroid secretes calcitonin to reduce it....He also mentions that a poorly functioning thyroid cannot produce adequate supplies of calcitonin - although apparently the parathyroids seem able to cope with this....

Are you taking too much VitD - which can stimulate calcium production. I have also read that Magnesium is at play in this situation - sorry do not have the reference to hand....


Don't know if this is of any help but i had high calcium and after they run a few blood tests,it was due to levothyroxine being to high,once they lowered it ,the high calcium went away.


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