Well, it's only a Daily Bulletin because I posted yesterday. But awoke this morning without the burning lower legs and sore burning scalp. Yesterday morning I took 75 mcg Wockhardt as a change from Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine and by the time I got up at 8.30 am I was feeling so much calmer and this morning other symptoms have dissipated. I know it is early days but this small improvement has helped me so much. Janet.

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  • It is amazing sometimes, that a change in medication can make such a difference. It's a pity there has been quite a few that are not manufactured now. I hope you feel better with your new levo.

  • So glad I made the change, but was with much trepidation as others had not rated Wockhardt. Still early days yet so it remains to be seen whether this is my answer. Janet.

  • That's great. Don't forget to yellow card the MP.

  • I sent yellow card in for MP a few months ago, but good to remind others to do so. Janet.

  • Hi

    I am not familiar with Wock.. However i use to have burning legs while on Levo. It disappeared when I went on Liothy.

  • Would love to try T3 (Liothyronine), but there is no hope with our CCG. Janet.

  • Hi i_bee

    You have to ask again and again until they give up. I was told it's expensive. I will ask the pharmasist next time how much it costs. Good luck

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