does anyone have a swollen bottom lip?

when at A&E yesterday the triage nurse asked me if my lower lip had always been swollen.why would she ask this?yet dr dismissed my main reason for being there(tightness in neck)as did few weeks before "I don't know why you are here" -legs swelling?do they think i would spend 4 hour s of my day travelling to /from A&E just for the fun of it?

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  • Just the bottom lip? And is it swollen all the time? I get swelling in my lips on and off but it will always be both. Sometimes I get just the outline of my lips swelling up.

  • have they told you its a symptom of anything?

  • where is chihiros response?

  • it s appeared now

  • No diagnosis yet. Still working on it

    Swelling of the face,hands,feet is often related to thyroid issues or so I am told. Swelling will come and go. That is why I was asking if you had it all the time. Do you have swelling anywhere else?

    Have you had your thyroid antibodies tested by the way? TSH and Ft4 can often be in range with autoimmune disease.

    Oh and if you can't see replies just scroll all the way to the bottom and then go back up. I do that and I find it helps :)

  • my lower lip must have been swollen fro a couple of years?i have puffiness around my browbone area and swellign in lower legs dr only tested TSH.(3.2)

  • I would definitely request antibodies to be tested anbuma. If you have an autoimmune disease your tsh apparently swings widely so you often appear to be "normal" blood test wise but they might have just caught you on a day when your tsh was in the middle.

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