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Loosing my cool

Over the past few years iv been backwards and forwards to the dentist, l lost some of my teeth as a result of infections not been treated. Had to have partial dentures made and hated them....been back to dentist who have decided to complete my trearment and then disscharge me from their practice.

I talked to the practice manager who accused me of intimidating the dentisit and shouting at her. What a load of rubbish when i go to the dentist i usually end up in tears because of loosing some of my teeth and because the dentist is condersencing and talks down to me.

Im sick of professionals saying we are aggressive or intimidating when we are trying to get our point across and find out what our options are.

Its got to the point where i wont go to the doctors or the dentist on my own because they lie and twiist the truth..

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Yep. As i said before, more sociopaths in the medical field than any other. Dentists are some of the worst, drilling out healthy teeth to fill them with mercury. Suggest you find a holistic dentist going forward, who won' t put poison and toxins in your teeth.


Never thought of that before. Need to get them to complete this treatment i need root canal treatment because of decay which got infected although dentist did nothing to it and i ended up ill and in agony.


Suggest you urgently google "health risks of root canals"


I always wondered what type of person would choose to be a dentist..

Yes root fillings have a risk (70% + don't work) - but in my mind I weigh this up against having no tooth... worth a try..

(NHS £40 private £1000+ - same treatment btw)

meanwhile after supplementing Vit D not been back for 2 years! - previous 50 years of 6 monthly check-ups resulted in hardly any teeth! and current dentist commented 'Oh you have had a LOT of work done' - you bet! and of course I specifically asked for lots of huge unnecessary amalgam fillings and crowns - not! (turns out last dentist was repeatedly investigated for being 'too keen' - I moved the family after he took my daughter's tooth out for NO reason, and refused to replace a broken (faulty) brace - )

I have post-dentist trauma... no-one ever suggested low VitD or calcium - yes you will lose a tooth per baby - why? now I know but too late! J x


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