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Why is it so hard?!

Hi All,

Having posted recently, I have been in Sydney for 6 months and having not been feeling myself for quite sometime, I thought I'd made progress with the Aus GP's and was ready to take my info to my GP in the UK.

My calcium levels have been elevated for months and my Parathyroid Hormone has doubled in the last 2 months. I have a letter from the GP in Oz asking for my doctor to refer me to an Endocrinologist as elevated calcium isn't normal and to query the PTH level. I went there this morning only to be sent for the same blood tests and she said to me "if these come back as normal then we may not need the Endocrinologist"

I came out feeling frustrated and upset yet again! Why won't UK GP's see anything besides a range on a piece of paper?! I'm going to ask for copies of my results, will they charge for these?


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It's reasonable that your GP wants a new set of tests, much easier if they are done on a UK assay.

You can go and see a private endo, I did that and although she agreed to see me without a referral I asked my GP for a letter so she knew what I was doing.


You may be charged for the reasonable cost of photocopies. If they attempt to charge you £10 for a copy of electoronic summary records decline and request access to your medical notes foc within 40 days of tests.


Our GP practice doesn't charge for printouts of blood results but I think you would have to pay for medical records between £10-40. Good luck..


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