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hello... please what it a FT3 test and what's it looking at

hello ... please will you tell me if my symptoms are the same as everyone else ... i am 53 years old had underactive thyroid problem for over 10 years .. i take 200 mg of thyroxine daily i am very careful not to miss my pills but my thyroid levels are up and down all the time .. so my gp adjust the dose between 150 mg to 200 mg .. my symptoms are pains in my ankle's and hips and my legs are very stiff first thing on a morning or if i sit for a while (like driving the car) spoken to my gp but not been given a good answer .. just wondering if its the levothyroxine tablets made by almus thats causing the problems .. i have asked my gp about alternative treatment for my condition but she told me that there was nothing else available ???also been asked by yourself if i take supplements ?? the short answer is no my gp hasn't offered me any or even suggested any!! thing are getting worse and i can't lose weight even after sticking to a 2000 cal diet and walking 3/4 miles daily and now feel old before my time .. please help regards roy t

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Thanks for posting...

Almus are not the actual manufacturer - you will need to look at the Patient Information Leaflet to determine that.

Have you had your B12 or vitamin D tested?

Have you got your latest thyroid blood tests, including the reference ranges? This will help people to better offer informed support...



I am sorry you are feeling so unwell after all these years on levo. I think your GP may be the main problem by adjusting your meds up and down according to the TSH and not to your clinical symptoms. I had all those aches/pains when on levo initially and had to change to an alternative. I did have to go privately but some GPs will provide some T3 to be added to T4.

First of all, if you have had a recent thyroid gland blood test, get a copy from your surgery and they must have the reference ranges as labs differ and post them. If you haven't had a recent one, request a new one and also add some items (I'll give a link). Do not take your medication on the morning of your blood test and have it as early as possible. Take your meds later. He wont do them all but do ask for a Free T4 and Free T3.

Some labs don't do this even if requested so you may have to have a private test done and we have a couple of labs members have used satisfactorily. Also ask for a Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate. If you have low iron T4 may not convert to enough T3 for you to feel well. T4 is the inactive hormone but T3 is very important as all our cells need to be saturated. Our brain in particular has the most cells. Vit B12 and Vit D are usually low in hypo and can cause symptoms in themselves.

You may be undermedicated but this is an excerpt re adjusting doses (unfortunately our GP's don't have much knowledge re thyroid gland issues). It seems to be a hit or miss.

If you cursor to the date January 25, 2002 for an explanation of adjusting doses according to the TSH. Links within this website may not work as it is archived but has lots of info.


To answer your question in your heading - this link tells you ll about the FT3 test and what it is used for.

Moggie x


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