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Just how bad an affect will drinking lots of coffee have on my meds working ?

Feeling stupid :( Just reviewed the info on Thyroid UK site and see that coffee can affect levo uptake.. Am a total coffee freak, very strong throughout the day, barista style..cup after cup...

Anyone noticed a difference when cutting down or stopping coffee intake ? What should I do ? It keeps me awake and I'm worried I may fall asleep over my laptop if I can;t imbibe all day.

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I gotta be honest I have 2 maybe 3 barista style coffees per day. I never uses to drink coffee till four years ago, I can honestly say not noticed any difference from before I drank it. I ALWAYS had Decaff coffee before I started drinking proper coffe but have normal now, as I said noticed no difference.


If you have always done it and you are suffering from no left over thyroid symptoms then you are probably fine, and may actually feel a little over-replaced if you cut out the coffee!

If you are still having thyroid symptoms, it may be worth looking at whether the coffee is affecting the absorption of your levo! :)




Dr. Lowe actually recommended fresh ground coffee to keep the adrenals kicking over. If you feel no ill effects from it you are probably OK to carry on with it. There is ALWAYS a brew on the go in our house, and I'm thrilled with my new espresso machine. Just off to pour myself and my daughter another cup. Jane x


Thanks wise ones. I take my meds before bedtime so this isn't as bad as I initially feared. I'm certainly not at optimum dosage ( in fact I sometimes think I'm feeding my body poison with levo ) but reassured it isn't likely to be because I drink a lot of (good) coffee.

R xxx


Just read your post today I had the same problem can not leave coffee need it every morning to function the best thing to do is take your levothyroxine at night just before you sleep so it doesn't interact with any foods your not allowed because they attack the thyroid gland & cash with your meds.

Works for me😊




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