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Itchy thyroid

My thyroid area really itches and this has been happening off & on for months. It gets really red from scratching it which I try not to do. I have been putting soothing lotion on it. I told/showed my physician and he said it was an allergic reaction to something. It just seems like it's my actual thyroid itching. I just did a search for itchy thyroid and I see many people have the same problem. Has anyone learned what to do for this or what is causing it. I am taking natural supplements for low thyroid.

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Sorry you have had no replies, people tend to get a better response in the Questions section - hopefully someone will now pick this up from Latest Activity... :)




Thanks, I guess I posted it in the wrong area. I meant it to be a question. I quit taking my Nature Throid 2 days ago and the itching has now stopped, but very tired starting today. Hmmm.


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