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Help i want to rip my muscles from my body! Anyone else get nerve sensations? Is it thyroid related?

Does anyone get nerve sensations? One of my most prominent symptoms is a sensation in my limbs and down my spine like I need to move and stretch also. accompanied by chronic yawning. Caffeine and alcohol make it worse (alcohol nakes it a lot lot worse) and tramadol makes it better (probably because it is a central nervous system suppressant) is this thyroid related do you think or ambi still going to be plagued with it even if I get my thyroid under control? It really is a horrible feeling. When I get it I completely tense up and have to keep stretching or tensing muscles. I can't bare to be touched, I can't be still, I can't sleep and I can't drive or work. I literally feel like I could rip my muscles from my skin to make it stop. Then afterwards if I manage to get rid of it I feel like I've run ten marathons. X

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Hi there,

I'm new to all this thyroid business but I am currently being investigated for secondary hypothyroidism and hopefully a decision on treatment will be made today.

I have had terrible nerve pain for 2 years with tingling and burning down both legs, face and hands. Have been treated with many painkillers but with no great relief.

I've seen some others with thyroid issues reporting pain and in particular nerve like pain.

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and if so are you on treatment?

I'm sure others will come along with more experience than myself to give their opinion.

I do sympathise as it's really debilitating and like you has severely affected my life. X


Wow yes, I'm my arms , fingers and thigh muscles, sometimes head and fingers. I'm not sure of the cause, either spine related, diabetic or low b12. Hope you find the cause. X


Hi there I had a total thyroidectomy & had to endure this also! For me it's calcium. As soon as I feel it coming on I take (extra dosage of 600mg calcium & calcitriol) straight away & it's gone within an hour! Saved my life!!! There is no other pain like it - it is dreadful!!! but I was told by my endo that calcium withdrawal is the cause & now I've found the cure !! Xx

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Yawning is your body's way of trying to get more oxygen, and given that you have nerve pain, I would ask for B12, folate and ferritin tests and an FBC.


I feel you should eliminate (coffee at least and alcohol) things that you feel irritate it more and see your GP if you do not know what it is ..they are stimulants ....

..have you a spinal problem ..??as that causes sensations such as you describe, nerves get trapped and I know as I suffer with it .... if you do not sleep well that will explain yawning as you and body are tired.

you need to get this sorted as it is no life .I am not sure of thyroid ..have you read books or done Google as there is lots of suggestions as to symptoms of the thyroid ....some may not apply to you ..Good Luck ...


Hi please look up magensium and calcium deficiency and vit and b12 all four of these are deficient in thyroid and the syptoms you get are signs of that


If your thyroid problems are of the autoimmune type then there are many mixed connective tissue conditions that can join in with this type of hypothyroidism. I have had a kind of peripheral neuropathy that drives me nuts for 6 months. It could be down to my hypothyroidism being undermedicated - although my doctors feel that I'm fine in this regard on my levothyroxine 100mg. It could be down to secondary Raynauds, secondary Sjogrens or my RA. I seem to have all these fairly mildly but together they make quite an unruly whole! I'm becoming reconciled to never knowing exactly what causes what.

But I agree about having all the mineral and vitamin checks as soon as possible too. I take one prescribed AdCal D3 daily and this definitely helps - as does Amitriptyline which I take at a low dose for nerve pain and which sometimes helps me to sleep. Good luck getting your unpleasant symptoms addressed.



I just underwent the neuropathy test with the needles for the same problems. My theory is that hypothyroids might be depriving their muscles because the enzymes necessary just aren't available. While I have all those symptoms, the test shows my nerves are in perfect order, in fact, he said superior for my age. But he also said that neuropathies are consistent with hypothyroidism second only to diabetes. I went to a physiatrist after seeing chiropractors and several physical therapists. It's a troubling side effect. There are nerve stablizers if you need to resort to drugs. But I would try the suggestions you were just told about first.


You are describing what I call adrenalin surges and it is horrible. I have not had the diagnosis of this and when I described it to a GP she prescribed sertraline even when I told her it was not anxiety. The reason I think it is adrenalin is that it has almost gone away after starting hydrocortisone. I was kept awake for 2nights when I was weening off tramadol after surgery with horrendous surges so I don't think that tramadol is the best to take , but it seems like opium based meds have a calming effect. I find it gets worse when I am tired so I try to sleep before it starts usually taking melatonin. I don't know what else to advice except to ask for blood tests for cortisol.




I know what you mean, in the morning and sometimes durning the night my legs feel tensed and i need to keep stretching, like they have seized up. I also seem to 'vibrate' like every cell is 'twitching'.

I had low calcium, no vit d, (not enough thyroxine) after my first surgery, which went undetected. My skin was also itchy (I was given steroid cream by the doctor!) second surgery I ended up in hospital with hypocalemia. (so on calcium and magnesium drips).

I have had to take calcium, I also had no vitamin d in my system so I take that now. I found the the d3 helped a lot with these stretching and twitchy problems. I can also feel when my calcium is dropping as my hands start to numb. The d3 seems to keep the calcium under control tho.

I'm looking into my iron supplies b12 etc, as I have been told my tests are average (even tho the b12 test was the wrong one). I believe low vitamins and minerals is a problem.


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