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Hi there! Need advice- in december had my tsh checked and it was 0.016. I was on 20mcg liothyronine and 50mcg levo. But doc lowered the levo

The levo was reduced to 25mcg since then and till now i have drastically put on weight and bloated out and not to mention being tired!! My periods went all erratic and i had effectively almost a month of bleeding! Thought to give it til end Jan to see if anything settles but the weight gain is really upsetting especially as my appetite is reduced! Any thoughts please?

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When are you seeing Endo again - can you get a message to him to let him know what's happened?

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I am supposed to see my gp twds end jan


Perhaps your GP is freaking at your suppressed TSH because s/he doesn't understand that taking T3 suppresses TSH?

Go back to GP and say how unwell you are and want to raise levo.

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Thanks clutter will do


Ask for ferritin, vitD3, B12 & Folate to be checked too. These are often deficient in hypo px or low in range and need supplementing.

Ask for copies of your test results with lab ref ranges & post them under a new Q and we'll pick 'em over for you.

I hope you feel better soon, Nicci.


This is a link but some of the links within may not work.Go to the question dated January 25, 2002


In fact, your observations are consistent with what science tells us about a patient's T4 dose, her TSH level, and her metabolic health or lack of it. If the goal of a doctor is metabolic health for his patient, he has no scientific basis for adjusting her thyroid hormone dose by her TSH level. If the doctor is going to make the imprudent choice of treating the patient with T4 (rather than T3 or a T3/T4 combination), he should be aware of the relevant physiology and treat her on the basis of it. Otherwise, he's likely to ruin her health, as your doctor appears to be doing to yours.


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Thanks all- real great stuff here! I am so glad to know that there is such support out here!


TSH should not be used to asses thyroid function since you might also have central hypothyroid too

you need as much t4 and t3 as it takes to feel well plus levels of ferrtin




vit d3



in the upper quadrant of their ranges


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