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Good News, My heart murmur has gone!

I've been taking T3 since May 2013 and stopped taking T4 a couple of months ago.

I have had a heart murmur for year, nothing to worry about but always picked up easily with a stethoscope. Now it has gone completely.

Quite funny because my Dr is worried that my T3 only will damage my heart and tests me rigorously everytime we meet.

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For your GP's reassurance.

In case your GP is cautious about Dr Lowe who was also a scientist and logistician.

Dr Lowe was also Director of Thyroid Science: He died last year.


Hi I am glad that you feel better. T3 does effect the heart, usually has to be just right for the patent and not over range.Too low effects it too.

However, heart murmur is not always detectable without an Echo, sometimes more. It is common and often does not matter. To treat it, if very bad as always the Mitral Valve, it needs heart surgery. However, only done if very bad. it is very good OP but serious., been done many years., so far cannot be micro surgery.

Best wishes,



I have angina, but I haven't had a single attack since being on NDT....


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