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Getting Copy of Medical Records

I asked the receptionist at my surgery this morning if it was possible to have copies of my results going back several years. She was adamant that they can only supply them from 1990, even if I ask for copies of all my records not just results. The ones I'm most interested in are from 1976, when I was first taken ill and 1983 when I registered at the GP surgery from hell.

I didn't want to put my foot down without being sure of facts. Is what she said correct? I think I might have to speak to my GP.

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I dont know if this is any help but my daughter had a accident and at to get her medical records ,and although it happened 2 years ago ,she had her records from birth which was1981 it cost her £50


1990 seems such a random year for them to state. I'll talk to my GP to see if there is a reason for it.


Try this for information and a draft request letter.


Moggie x


Thanks. I've bookmarked that. I'll speak to my GP on the phone before writing to them.


NHS itself has some information:


Make sure you read all the tabs!



Thanks. Some interesting stuff hidden in there. Still reading.


Hi If you live in the UK you can request copies of ALL your medical notes, there is usually an admin cost of 10p per page copied, up to a maximum of £50. The notes are scanned & given to you on a CD. You can also pay extra to have someone clinical go through the disk with you & explain any medical terminologly you may not be familiar with. I work for the NHS so know this for fact. Hope it helps, ask your GP reception for a form to complete to view medical notes. Don't be fobbed off.....! :)


Thanks Debs. That's what I thought, but it's good to hear it from an insider. What I really want to do is have one of the nurses go through the notes with me so I can pick out the really historic results. I think a quiet word with my GP is the best way forward. I'm going to ask for a retest in a couple of weeks, so I'll speak to him about it when I ask for the retest.


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