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I recently had a bone scan because I had pain in my legs, feet, arms etc, I had my result and I have osteoarthritis in my hands, feet, right knee and spine. Is there a link between this and an underactive thyroid or is it an age thing and also I have been told that when I go through the menopause it will get worse, I am 48 years old.

Any information would be appreciated.

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I don't know but this is an excerpt from an article:-


Neuropathic arthropathy, such as Charcot joint, in which the loss of pain sensation may relax the normal protective mechanisms of the joint, leading to articular instability and exaggerated responses


Hi Tina, I have also been diagnosed with OA wear and tear above normal for my age. I have always put this down to my job which has been physically hard when I was younger but I have never found a direct link btwn hypothyroidism and osteoarthritis. The most important thing is if the wear and tear is with or without inflammation. If you manage to reduce inflammation you end up with stiff joints which is manageable with stretching exercises. Inflamation is made worse by low T3, oestrogen excess, low cortisol, and all the other culprits such as iron, D3 Vit C. I have been using inflavanoid from nutri ltd which was helpful and also curcumin from life extension. But what has worked best has been starting hydrocortisone and T3.



Be wary of this diagnosis. My doctor put my problems with my knees and feet down to arthritis ('your dancing days are over' ...). This turned out to be b*ll*x. It IS quite likely to be thyroid related and may well NOT be arthritis. I had my knees injected (oiled!) and now have 2 perfectly good knees again. They won't run marathons, I'm told, but then I'm not a marathon kinda gal. They'll certainly take me dancing if I want to go. So the diagnosis didn't herald a slow slide into immobility at all. I had to go private, of course. 'Arthritis' is a catch all, like saying 'you've got a virus' when they don't bally know.


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