How do you feel in the morning?

I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton wool, and I get zapping type sounds in my head, to add to the tinnitus. I feel sluggish. Sometimes I don't know how I ever get to my desk for 8.00am. Over the holidays I've had more sleep and feel lousy if I get more sleep, even though I feel like I need more sleep it makes me feel worse, any one else have this?

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  • I used to be like you and found that I had very low VitD and Iron, have you had these checked as without them being at optimal levels they will also hinder your levo from working properly.

    Moggie x

  • Hi, Think my Vitamin D is OK as I take this every day, not sure on the iron though

  • Ferritin levels (iron stored in your body) needs to be at about 70 for your body to be able to convert T4 (levo) to the T3 it desperately need and then to be able to transport it into the cells, which is where it needs to go to stop symptoms.

    How about your B12, as if this is low it can also be causing you problems, like extreme tiredness. If I were you I wold get the above checked by your GP, along with your Folates, and see what shows up but for me it was definately the iron that was causing most of the problems.

    Moggie x

  • I'm never refreshed after sleep, feel 'hungover' on waking, my left eye 'lags' and often won't open for up to 10 minutes and I easily fall back to sleep for another 1½-2½ hours. If I don't allow myself to go back to sleep it takes 1½-2 hours before I feel awake.

    6 weeks ago I was diagnosed severely deficient in VitD and deficient in folate. B12 was low in range and ferritin over range.

  • Unfortunately my GP will only do my TSH levels, nothing else

  • My doctor was like yours and it caused me all sorts of problems. Because I couldn't get rid of the severe tiredness and felt awful I persuaded her to give me T3, as I thought lack of thyroid hormone was causing my issues. Six months down the line I ended up with heart issues and came off of T3. An endo got involved and that when my very low vitamins where discovered. My GP had always refused to test anything for me - although I did manage to get her to test my VitD but going in and asking her if she would take notice of private blood tests, she then relented and tested my VitD, which came back at 12.5. It was my endo that corrected the rest.

    So I ended up with heart issues due to me not actually needing T3 at all because it was low vitamins, especially iron, that was the cause of my extreme vatigue. Maybe you might want to try a different GP at the practise as getting all your vitamins tested is really very important for thyroid patients.

    Moggie x

  • Just to add about the head zapping, I had that a lot when I was coming off SSRI's and sometimes even when I was on it. If you are on antidepressants that could be the explanation, something to do with serotonin deregulating


  • Your B12 levels are too low should be >600 Mine was 295 felt lousy ,exhausted now 400 after taking subl.B12.My ears still ring.fine body tremor.Drs misdiagnose B12 tell you it's all in your mind or stress.

  • Hmmm,wonder if I should just try taking B12? Would it do any harm?

  • Few people have any problems at all with taking doses like 1000mcg of methylcobalamin a day.

    The problem with simply taking B12 is that any future test might look wonderful! Ideally you would be tested before supplementing. The Active B12 test people recommend a gap of a month between any B12 supplement and a test.

    (I found B12 helped me but it would have been good to know where I was before taking any!)


  • Hi

    My serum B12 was 377 in May last year, I supplemented with sublingual B12

    2400ug daily for 5 months. I then decided I wanted the Active B12 so stopped supplementing for 8 weeks. I had the active test and it came back as 107

    range 25 - 108 so I am totally confused by it all as I would not have thought I would be anywhere near the top of the range.

  • I made the same mistake of taking B complex before I tested too, although Active B12 was still lowish - but was tested low Vit D before I supplemented.

    Head stuffed too & still awful at getting up - I just fall out & stagger to work! J :D

  • When my adrenals were exhausted and I was low in morning cortisol I felt absolutely awful in the mornings.

  • I always feel like death warmed up when I wake up and if I've slept really well feel even worse

  • Sounds just like me. Have you got hyper pigmentation? That too indicates adrenal problems. I used to yawn until lunch time and thought that was normal because I'd always felt rotten in the mornings.

  • Don't think I have hyper pigmentation, just the usual age spots!

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