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So how do you feel in the morning?


I feel lousy, the worst thing is my head, I can only describe it as 'zapping' sensations every time I move it.

Plus I never ever feel refreshed on waking, anyone else feel this way?

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I felt like this when I had vitamin B12 deficiency. But not now that it is rectified.


Feeling rubbish myself. Had another restless night and woke with a headache from hell. I do have arthritis in back and neck so I guess that's what has caused it.

shawsAdministrator in reply to Hidden

If you've not had a recent thyroid blood test ask for one to be done. You may need an increase in hormones or the addition of T3.


I think you need a thyroid gland blood test, you may need an increase or the addition of some T3.

I also suffering with these brain zaps I thought it was related to my fibromyalgia not my thyroid which is underactive

Marz in reply to honey25

Do you have recent blood test results for your thyroid - with ranges ? Maybe you are low in T3. Going gluten free really zapped my Fibro after a long thyroid/Hashimotos journey :-)

Ella78 in reply to honey25

I get brain zaps when tired in the mornings but sometimes I get sensations of my brain floating in my skull.

My GP will only test for TSH not T3, how do I get them to do that for me?

Clutter in reply to Gillybean129

Gilly, they probably won't unless your TSH is suppressed. You can order private FT4 and FT3 tests via Blue Horizon and Genova via

I felt terrible upon waking today. I kept waking up at odd times in the night (although my leg cramps didn't help at all) but most mornings I just lie there and feel completely spaced out. Like you I feel unrefreshed every single day for as long as I can remember.

Have you had ferritin tested? That might show something up.

I used to feel like that until I switched to taking levo last thing at night with just water. Mornings are much easier now. Costs nothing to try

joanSOWTON in reply to jezebel69

That sounds something to try. I to get leg cramps, and feel like rubbish in the morning with headache and aching limbs.

I already take it at night :(

I have a headache nearly every morning when I wake and feel as if I've been on the wine all night. Takes a good hour to feel "normal" again.

I'm starting to think feeling like this is the norm, haha

Haven't had that refreshed feeling for a while now.


I've had no energy on waking for such a long time even after an occasional decent night's sleep and have had to drag myself out of bed. I've recently been diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency & just started treatment. This isn't the only symptom of GH but was told by the hospital that GH builds up as we sleep, mine of course doesn't hence this morning exhaustion. There's some good info on the Pituitary Foundation website about this condition.

Best wishes x

You could very well be deficient in T3. We need T3 to produce HGH. Conversely, we need HGH to convert T4 to T3. When your T3 comes up, so should your HGH - unless you have a damaged pituitary, of course.

I've been on T3 & thyroxine for some years with 'perfect' blood results. I've seen Dr P & been all round the houses with supplements but thankfully a brilliant consultant saw a low GH result on a blood test & a pituitary scan showed that mine is only half the expected size for an adult. When this problem started is anyones guess but I'm just glad that after years of feeling lousy & dragging myself around that I know what the problem is and have started treatment :-)

Is 'perfect' your discription? Or you doctors? If it's your doctors, I would ask for a print-out of your results and see for yourself. He may mean 'in range', which is not the same as optimal.

Ella78 in reply to halifaxlass

Halifaxlass, since starting the thyroxine my energy is so much worse and it doesn't make any difference whether I sleep all the way through the night or if my sleep is broken. Today is a good example: last night I took the thyroxine, went to sleep at about 11:30pm and woke up at 8am to my partner's alarm going off and giving me a headache. Went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 9:45am. I knew I couldn't just lie there despite feeling so spaced out so I got up anyway. I am sure either my T3 is falling or my TSH is rising. I'm getting a private blood test done as well as the GP one to get a complete picture. Sorry to hear about the growth deficiency. :(

Has no-one considered that they might have adrenal issues? This is often the cause of not getting to sleep, waking frequently and/or feeling bad in the morning. Perhaps a test is in order.

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