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Pulse Learning email

Just got an email from Pulse Learning entitled 'Try a free interactive CPD module on hypothyroidism 1.5 CPD hours '

If only you could learn everything in 1.5 hours! I have been reading this site most evenings for over a year! But I suppose every little helps.

The website keeps crashing so either you guys are trying to read it, or all our GPs are trying to make sense of our symptoms.

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The GP's and many Endos do need to follow the CD. It should make interesting viewing and will probably end up saying the only medication for hypo is levothyroxine and the only way of detection is the TSH. We know levo may suit some but I wonder, are these people really back to top form? What about those of us who struggle on levo - they tell us that the clinical symptoms we still have, or appear after meds, are additional problems unconnected to the thyroid gland because the TSH is now 'in range'.


I very much doubt that GPs are crashing that module.


Yes that was wishful thinking!!

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