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dreading tomorrow

see my endo in swindon

of all the groups im in no one has seen a swindon endo

i sure hope he knows his thyroid from his backside

i need meds and i need them soon

i allso need to see why my oxygen levels drop

ive not been checking but can feel when they do lower

had no medication since 11 november so getting pretty hypo at times

i will pm those who were asking after a swindon endo tomorrow

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Hi Mandy

If he turns out to be any good, please can you let me know for our list.

It would actually also be handy to know if he is dreadful! Thanks.

Good luck!




hi Louise yes i will ill mail you either way

i do have a couple of people wanting to know how i get on too as they are looking in swindon


hi Mandy we were househunting in Swindon again yesterday. Will let you know where my son ends up. Thinking of you and sending intelligent thoughts to the endo - which hospital do you have to visit? pm me if you want it to be private.

Brave and Purposeful



Hi Sarah im going to Great Western Hospital......and thankyou

lets hope hes good as i dont think i can bite my tongue lol had a rough night


I cannot believe that we have such problems with endos. My appt is in 2 weeks in Plymouth and I am losing sleep over what is going to happen. Good luck xx


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