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Normal... Anyone with experience and knowledge please offer advice?

Normal or not? My symptoms... Cold hands/toes, difficulty in getting warm. Low basal temp avg of 35.8c, joint pain, loss of libido, flaky nails. Very slow weight loss... very fast weight gain!!! Two weeks I gained 10lbs yet kept exercising! Snappy and irritable. Tiredness, sometimes just exhausted yet can not fall asleep for at least 1.5 hours. Headaches, spots in and around nose and ears, very slow heart rate. Scalloped tongue, constipation, at the moment i have what I have been told is a small cyst in the left upper eyelid which has been there for 4 weeks.

Thyroid stimulating hormone



(0.270 - 4.200)

Free T4



(12 - 22)

Free T3



(3.1 - 6.8)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies


Negative <60

Equivocal 60 - 100

Positive >100

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In my book you are hypothyroid because your free t4 is in the bottom sector of the range

strange that thyroid antibody test is negative

As your tsh is low I would want checks for Central Hypothyroid

But also you need to know what your iron and ferritin levels are and your cholesterol level

because they are always part of the hypothyroid picture


Hi If not on any treatment for thyroid disease, this would be considered fine, However, with those symptoms it is quite possible, or another autoimmune, hormonal related condition. especially Diabetes, also B12 + foliates, vit D, which is just hormonal and strongly effects the thyroid.Also needs ruling out, iron/Ferritin.

I would also ask for FBC ( blood count) U`s and E`s , kidney, LFT`s, liver.

If nothing else, ask GP for a trial of thyroid treatment.In that csse have the thyroid bloods repeated in 3 moths.

Best wishes,



Sounds like you are hypothyroid. Your free T4 would ideally be 22. Sadly doctors go by tsh results. Having your blood tested as early as possible helps as it's at it's highest around 3am. I don't understand your antibody result as it says positive at the bottom??



Get your Vit B12 checked, it's possible to have a normal serum value and still be anaemic.

Going through this myself at the moment, my scalloped sore tongue hasn't responded to thyroid meds. Have nerve pain in my feet, so all my thyroid symptoms could be pernicious anaemia. Get your folate checked too, it's often low when Vit B12 is low.


I agree with Suze -your symptoms are typical of hypothyroidism. I remember going through this and my blood profile was similar to yours initially -I felt dreadful and yes my weight just piled on quickly -like you I gained a stone in one week! . However Suze is right they won't diagnose you until your TSH shoots up. In the meantime it is worth having your iron, folate, B12 copper and zinc plus vit D levels all checked out as low levels of any of these can cause problems so supplement them to bring them up to the higher levels in the range. Make sure you keep copies of all your blood work from now on in -this can act as evidence especially if your blood levels show a steady rise such as TSh going up and T4 level dropping.


It might also be worth getting your adrenals checked too - if they are low then your thyroid will not operate at 100%


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