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Yet another rant

Yet another rant

Good day all.

I should just start this post with a caveat. I'm actually a really nice, positive person. I try and see the good in everyone and every situation. I've added this picture in with me and my eldest niece because I'm happy and I have a great life. I want to keep enjoying life but it's hard when you feel so ill.

I always used to think that chronic illness can drive you to negativity, despair. But I think it's doctors that do that.

Last Sunday I started feeling exactly the same way I did in May 2012: loss of appetite, nausea, cant get food down as I feel full immediately and end up burping. I thought this time round maybe it was a bug, or ate too much cheese. It's been a week and a half and still the same so went to see my GP thinking maybe a few things: is it a hashi's flare (if it exists), is it my low b-12, could it be an adrenal problem? I haven't even thought gastro because I was so invasively and thoroughly checked over the year.

Get to GP's. She said my thyroid is fine and low B12 would not cause these issues. She then tells me her ideas....

GP: "Could you be pregnant"

ME: "No"

GP: "Let's just do a test. Ok, that's negative"

GP: "You've been here a lot this past year. Are you stressed?"

ME: "No, I wasn't too well and took a year to diagnosis a thyroid problem. Life is good"

GP: "Has anything happened recently"

ME: "One of my gran's not too well but she's ok now. I'm not stressed, I know what stress is"

GP: "Have you been married long? Is everything ok in your relationship"

ME: "2 years, we're great and buying a house in the new year. Not stressed about that, I'm really excited"

GP: "Ok, probably a tummy bug, let's do a stool sample and then come back in 2 weeks if you are still not well"

ME: "Right......when I say I can barely eat I mean that yesterday all I managed was a rice cake for the full day. What do I do about food?"

GP: "You will be ok, as long as you get lots of fluid. You might get a bit tired and lose energy. You could put some sugar in your water"

I'm giving up on docs. I think I just need to live with the fact that this happens and just manage as best I can. I know I could do with losing a few pounds but this isn't the right way and I wish she'd just given me something so my body could get some form of nourishment.

I guess the battle doesn't just end at diagnosis. The magic pill the speak off isn't a miracle cure nor will it ever be. I'm just so glad that a forum like this exists because just writing this down sheds a lot of the frustration.

Thanks guys x

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I share your frustration pennyrose. GPs are so darn inflexible I always come away disappointed as they just don't get it do they.

I've been feeling rubbish since the beginning of September. I went to ask for my thyroid to be rechecked to see if I needed an increase. I also asked if it would be possible to check my iron levels as I've read so many times on this site that it is really important for us. She said that she did not believe there was a connection between thryoid and iron but she agreed to check it and guess what, my serum iron is low and my ferritin is low in range.

I subsequently went to the surgery and saw another doctor who decided I did not need iron tablets this could be sorted by diet. I protested at this as I do eat a good diet and I knew I couldn't raise my levels without them. He reluctantly gave in.

The original doctor wanted me to make an appointment to have an internal examination because of my low iron and because I'm 50 and probably approaching the menopause. So yesterday off I want all clean and polished and she tells me that when doing an internal she always tests for Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. I couldn't believe my ears. Now here I am a woman of 50 years of age, been married for 30 of them, with absolutely no history of sexually related illnesses whatsoever (and with no libido to boot!) and she feels it necessary to go the the bother and expense of testing these!

What I really wanted was a FT3 test and a Vitamin D test. No chance! What on earth is it all about.

That's my rant as well. Thank you for encouraging me to rant with you.x


Just out of curiosity what iron tablets did your doctor prescribe, and what dosage were you told to take?

I got iron tablets from my doctor when my ferritin was 21. She made it clear she was very reluctant to prescribe them (because my result was in range) and implied I was wasting NHS money. Then, quite by accident, I found out I could buy what she had prescribed without a prescription. So after finishing the ones from prescription I just continued buying them myself. My most recent iron test (which I paid for myself) showed that my ferritin has gone up to nearly 70. It is so much less stressful buying my own iron pills, and I don't have to beg!


200mgs Ferrous Sulphate twice a day. My ferritin was 33 but my serum iron was 9 (11-30) which was why they wanted me to to go back in the first place. Then you book an appointment, go the the darn thing, only to be told you can correct this with diet. I know you can buy iron otc but at least I can be monitored and have a follow up iron test.


Doctors are so inconsistent. My endo was unhappy with my fee levels at 22 so wrote to my GPs stating to start me on iron pills (3x 200mgs of ferrous sulphate a day) and wanted them to raise it to at least 70. When I asked my gp about getting them she said I wasn't anaemic and didn't need them. I asked her to read the letter m endo wrote. She caved!

I've tried complan but have picked up some slimfast(!) shakes as well as an Atkins one. Also have some ferroglobin to drink again :) I'll get there, let's all stay positive!!!


I've never tried this myself, so I could be talking nonsense. But while you investigate and try to work out what is wrong with you, could you get some sustenance in the meantime with a product like Complan or something similar for sick people or others unable to eat normally?


You go girls - a good rant does you the power of good.

Moggie x

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You and your neice look lovely and healthy. Digestive problems are common in hypo. I think usually they give you meds for high acid when we may have low as symptoms are similar.


That is amazing! Thank you so much shaws, it totally makes sense! I was thinking the other night what if I didn't have enough acid to break it down. It just sits there. She wa going to give me some pills to reduce stomach acid but they made me worse last year. I'm going to do some real research. Thanks so much :) x


This is good with some hints. I found hydrochloric acid very helpful.


hi there penny-rose , glad to find someone else with ' the positive attitude ' keep up with the rants ----it releases some of the bad vibes [ hubby will be grateful ] .....absolutely love the pic of your niece ...what a super smile .... I bet she was having the time of her life ......LoL alan x


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