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Consultant giving the run around what can I do

4/10/13 bloods tested normal

9/10/13 tsh normal but ft4 11.4 ( 12+ range)

20/11/11 dexamephasone suppression test normal tsh normal NO FT4 done

Now a letter saying ref to dietician

What about the abnormal ft4 ....... I don't get it I phoned secretary but they have taken so long and I always seem to be chasing


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Please can you supply the actual test results and ranges for the 'normal' ones.

Are you diagnosed? On treatment?

What symptoms are you having?

This information will help people to better offer informed support.




Tsh 2.56 miu/l range (0.3-3.94)

Free t4 11.4 pmol/l range (12.3 to 20.2)

I have had lots of tests but they all well within range, so did not post them.

Tsh had last week now 1.2 miu/l (0.3-3.94)

Free t4 was not done, even though that's what showed up last time.

Cushiness syndrome negative

Awaiting MRI results from neurology for I numbness and headaches and loss of balance.

Symptoms.... 2 stone weight gain, each stone was rapidly gained then plateaued.

Horse voice

Brittle breaking nails

Hair loss

Severe acne large spots on chin...... I am 33

Dry itchy skin generally

Crusty scalp


Headaches everyday

Loss of hearing in one ear randomly for a minute or two and ringing on and off

Freezing feet

Either flushed face sweating or freezing cold

Periods were every 2 weeks but now regular again


Muscle aches

Tired all the time hard to get up everyday

Sleepless nights

Canker sores in mouth

Rib pains like stabbing randomly each side then subsides

I think that's all of them.

I have seen dermatologist gynaecologist neurologist encrynologist and awaiting MRI and only thing showed up is the free t4 value.



Forgot cholesterol 6 when he said it should be 4 and under I think


Have you had your Vit B12 level measured? I'd also consider secondary hypothyroidism and ask your doctor about that. It is characterised by TSH low/low normal and low T4.

In your case I would say that it is essential to measure your FT3 level and I would ask firmly that your GP puts in a special request to your lab to have it measured.


Agree with Rosetrees, you need B12 tested, plus folate and ferritin. Symptom checker here:

And more info here:


I have had fit b 12 tested and told normal. I've had vit d too and normal.

I was told ferritin done too and normal.

Others that are near end range are hct 0.432 I/l (0.36 to 0.46)

Glucose 5.4 (3.0 to 6.0)

Hb 142 (120 to 150)

I have spoken to secretary rather abruptly today about my free t4 and surprise surprise she rings back calling me in for ft4 and ft3 and reverse t3 I think and antibody test

Is this good.?


All I can say is get copies of your test results, they'll tell you you're normal when you're anything but. All it means is you're in range, normal has nothing to do with it. So get copies and post the results, with ranges, as a new question.

H x


Free t4 of 11.4 is screaming hypothyroid to me

Along with the symptoms

what on earth are the doctorscplaying at


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