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my tsh is 0.32. my t4 is 11.6 and my t3 is 2.2 still feeling like sh*t

I am still experiencing chronic fatigue symptoms. I find my self sleeping from 9pm til 5pm the next day other days i am feeling insomnia but still chronically tired. I am waking up after having over 14 hours of sleep unrefreshed and its killing me. Doctors have been dismissing me, I got new endocrinologist who I really want to see as soon as possible but my doctor is freaking around with me telling me he will do it but never does it and I am having to go around in circles trying to get him to refer me to see an endocrinologist as soon as possible. I wish I had the money to go private but sadly I do not have the funds to do so as I am on a low income. I am currently taking 100 mg of levothyroxine and 20mg of t3.

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Sorry to be so predictable but do you have the ranges? That would be really helpful.

Sorry to hear you are so ill. My first thought is that your t4 is high and t3 low for someone on t3, but of course the ranges will help clarify the results.


the ranges are 9-21 for t4 and 1.6-3.00 for t3


So that's a Total T3 range?


the ranges for t4 are 9-21 and t3 is 1.6-3.00 (roughly)


hi there h.h. , I think you need to INSIST to your doctor that he/ she refers you to a specialist ----as your doctor IS NOT A SPECIALIST IN THIS FIELD AND HAS TO TAKE ADVICE FROM THEM TO KEEP YOUR HEALTH AT ITS PREMIUM ----- which is part of their contract when they accept you as a patient [ for which they receive a regular payment from the nhs ] .... just be firm , polite and insist .....alan


i only get tested for my free t3 t4 and tsh they dont test for my reverse t3


Hi My Endo says that it must always be the free T3 test, once the Lab made a mistake and did the one you had, she said that it was useless, it certainly did not show how bad my FT3 was.

If you decide to see an Endo, be sure it is a good one, find them yourself and only then ask GP for a referral. There are other tests you need, Endo will do them. Nice to know about antibodies etc but the treatment is the same with o without them.

Best wishes,



I too have the sleep problem; sometimes being awake for a little as four hours in 24 and my days/nights have been interchangeable for at least 4 years, which does cause problems. I saw the diabetic nurse for an annual check about two weeks ago was told the blood test showed my levels were within the acceptable range and nothing to worry about. I have to take several other drugs besides Levothyroxine which is 125mg a day, at least one of the others can cause drowsiness. I have thought for some time the Levo was the main cause of 'Rip Van Winkle Syndrome' (as I call it) and wonder what difference would it make to just stop taking it?


With a tsh as low as that and free t4 also very low my suspicion would be you either have

low ferritin and cannot properly convert t4 into t3

or you have central hypothyroid and your tsh should be totally ignored

or you have d102 gene and cannot convert or tolerate levothyrooxine and should be treated with t3 only

or you would be better on natural dessicated thyroid meds


The gene is actually the DIO2 gene - that is three letters followed by a number. (Not a letter followed by three numbers.)

It is possibly vital to get this right if trying to look up any information about it.



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