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Is it possible for blood test results to come back normal if you have Hypothyriodism??

I had a partial thyroidectomy approx. 8 years ago due to a non-malignant tumour. At the time my consultant said that at some part of my life I will need some sort of medication. I have been tested in the past for Hypothyriodism as I showed a few symptoms and all blood tests came back normal so had no treatment. I now suffer with 28 symptoms that are shown on Thyroid UK and feel that they are gradually getting worse. I am due to receive my blood test results on Friday from my GP but the receptionist said that everything came back normal. I am now terrified about going to see my GP as I feel that he will think that I am exaggerating my symptoms. I feel like I'm going mad!! :( PLEASE HELP!!

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Please always get a copy of your blood test results complete with the ranges and post them here for members to comment.

The normal range the GP's quote is for people who have not got a thyroid gland problem and seeing your Consultant said you may need thyroid gland medication in the future, your GP should take account of your clinical symptoms which you wouldn't have if not hypo.

Also ask for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as well as a full Thyroid Function Test. Your GP shouldn't just settle for a TSH.


hi vixon just saw your post and totally understand where your coming from and had to post i was struggling to get diagnosed for hypothyodism 4 months ago and when i had my thyroid tests they all came back within range and i was a complete mess with lots of symptoms and recovering now. the most valuble thing i have learned after getting diagnosed is that the nhs ranges for thyroid blood results are way out there must be so many poorly people out there not getting treatment. i was lucky enough to find a old thyroid test that proved that my thyroxine levels where low and my tsh was high at 9.5 compared to them so i was treated everyone is diffrent but it was a battle and swapped my gp to one that would trial thyroxine and more open minded. i would get a copy of your blood tests to start this is very important as shaws says you really cant take your gp word for at as they go off the nhs ranges theres is lots of useful info on thyroid uk website understanding levels but from what i can see to start you need to check your levels might be worth posting them so somebody could take alook at them for you also understanding thyroid disorders book dr toft very helpful hope this helps a bit hope you get sorted soon



In order to feel well your tsh should be below 1 and your free t4 should be well up in the top section of the range ie about 19/20/21 if the top is 23


You have to remember that the "normal" range is statistically normal not functionally normal - in other words, your results may fall somewhere on a curve that includes 90% of those tested (we don't whether they were ill or well), but that doesn't mean that your body is functioning properly.


Hi Vixon

In order to feel well your TSH level should be somewhere in the range and at the level that is optimal for you - this varies from person to person. For some, it's below 1, for me it's around 2 - we are all different and the TSH level is not an accurate science. You should not feel bad about seeing your GP. Your GP should feel bad if they don't take your thyroid history/profile/symptoms into consideration. Anyone who has suffered with the symptoms of hypothyroidism know how miserable and debilitating this awful condition is.

As others have said, it is important that you get figures and ranges. Many GPs don't treat until TSH is over 10, however I was nearly disabled by the time I got to this level.

Good luck for tomorrow.


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