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Hi I'm a real baby here, just been told thyroid under active and doc has said he will look at it again in 12months. Alas

I have most of the signs and for years ache down to my bones and very tired. Now have osteoathritis and diabetes. Have had some relief when I cut out all wheat from my diet joints less painful and more energy Also have found that the best form of exercise is Yoga try Hatha I'm still looking for something to recharge my batteries on a daily routine. ANY suggsestions

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Hi and welcome,

Has your doctor put you on any thyroid replacement?

Has he told you your test results? Please get a copy of your results from him (he is obliged to let you have them) and post the results with their reference ranges on here and we can then advise you better.

Jane x


Will do and thanks for your help be in touch soon


Also have the following tests - VitD - Ferritin - Folates - Iron - B12 - all these need to be high in their ranges for OPTIMAL seem happy when they are just in range - but hey we know better :-)


Hi Jane, I am going for retest of my bloods on 6th Dec. (hopeing my GP will oblige.) update on my past. Hypothyroid 27yrs and Type 1 diabetes 20 yrs. have always struggled keeping my blood suger at a good level and after reading links from this site think I might have had Hashimotos but don't think I have ever been tested for antibodies, so was thinking of asking doctor to do this time. I would like t4 t3 TSH VitD b12 ferritin.

I have been taking VitD 1000ui and 1000 cod liver oil for 18months (feel less tired) Also on 125 Eltroxin, (taken at night) rosuvastin, Lansosoprol, on waking and for the last 2 weeks b12 and selenium. I am on an Insulin pump for diabetes. Don't feel too bad but still get cold especially in the night and have to push myself to do things, memory is still awful, nails and hair awful. I am so used to feeling like I do, I tend to just get on with it. But after reading things on here I think I could optimise meds and feel a lot better. I would appreciate your in out. Thanks Kathy. X


I would certainly ask for those tests that you have suggested to be carried out. However, if after all that has been done you still have no success send me a PM and I will suggest where you may need to look further as we did. Ask your doctor to do an intracellular magnesium test too - not a blood test as that isn't accurate enough. Jane x


Than you Jane, fingers crossed, I am quite anxious already about going to GP as he did them about 5 weeks ago but I had taken my meds the morning I went. Didn't know then not take on day of blood test. As I take Eltroxin at bedtime now shall I still not take it the night before tests. Many thanks Kathy x


No, take them with you and have them when the blood has been drawn. Jane x


What do these doctors ever learn in med school ......i despair at their ignorance and poor treatment of sick patients


You may absolutely have osteoarthritis, but I'll just mention that I went through all the tests, set up by my GP, ending with a keyhole surgery specialist telling me there was nothing he could do because I was 'unsuitable' for surgery (why?). 'What is the matter with my knees?' I asked. 'Is it arthritis?' (I didn't know enough to be more specific). 'Yes,' he said. End of conversation. I went and wept my heart out in the car park. I was on my own and his verdict was such a shock my brain froze and I had no idea what to say next. I'm still not sure what ails my knees, but I've since had private injections to 'oil' (!) them and matters are immeasurably improved. AND this is another indication that we shouldn't go by ourselves to these bally appointments: take a responsble adult! I wish I knew one ...


Hi Maggie,

I'm surprised your GP has said they will retest in 12 months when they've said you're underactive. My GP stuck me on Levothyroxine the second he told me.

With my former GP my TSH was high but they didn't put me on any meds as my FT4 was still in range. 2 months later my throat swelled up. The following year I register with a new GP, got tested for antibodies and I was told they were elevated - no name for my illness given but I've been told by online doctors and other people I have Hashimoto's. Another 4 months later I'm told I'm hypothyroid.

Because my GP didn't tell me which antibodies were high I've had to go to a private lab to get this info. Whether you decide to ask your GP to test you or go through a private lab, let us know if you decide to go down the route of antibodies test. I spent around 12 months not knowing I had Hashimoto's.

Take care and best wishes

Jo xxx


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