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Adrenals and high cortisol

This article is very similar to the stories found on health unlocked. But of course there is no such thing as adrenal problems...Dr knows best of course.

Interesting that weight is put on the normal gp would only expect to inspect if there was weight loss involved.

I wonder what anti depressants she was asked to take? Maybe as a last resort someone with incurable anorexia could have some treatment linked to this experience.

Tags: adrenal, tumour anti depressants weight loss weight gain cortisol, adrenal. The tag system on this site is still very naff sorry to those looking for the adrenal tag but of course there is not such thing so therefore no tag for adrenal.

What is the co tag?

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My GP tested my adrenals (but not my thyroid) when I put on 3 stone in 6 weeks. But I also had other symptoms, including nausea, fainting, dizziness, headaches etc. I thought that "traditionally" high cortisol caused weight gain and low cause weight loss just as hypo T causes weight gain and hyper causes weight loss (in the traditional mind set).


yes i understand low cortiosl is eight loss and high cortisolis weight gain and its usuallly round the middle..., som einfo get it the wrong gway round


i had all these symoms too angel and iwas very low on cortisol and alto they have not understood this i know bloody well that was my probllem, its life threatning and by what happened to me i am surprised i survived,but i am paying the price now with a dysfunctiona nervous s system, my sympathietic doesnt switch off i found that adrenaline is realeased in the nerve endings an d brain an d i stil have this awful pressure /head,and tingling. i know it was because of adrenals an di am stiill trying to find a reputable endo to recognise and admit! pigs might fly!!!!!!


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