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What questions should I be asking at the Doctors?

I have had two blood tests come back showing normal range for thyroid function but a raised result from my pituarity gland which the Dr said indicated that my gland was overworking because my thyroid was probably not functioning as it should. There was an increase in the second blood test ( am I right in thinking she said T3) she said the result was 5.6 does that mean anything to anyone? So I go next week for the results of my 3rd test, so was wondering what questions I should be asking the Dr. Thank you

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Always get a print-out of your blood tests for your own records. If you post a copy of the above blood tests, complete with the ranges (as labs differ) it will enable members will comment on them. Even though GP says 'normal' it may not be enough for us to feel better.

The aim of thyroid gland hormones is to rid us of clinical symptoms.


You also haven't said if this is your GP or consultant. My GP doesn't even know what a free T4 is (and the nurse taking the bloods today asked me what it was so I assume it's not one she is usually asked to take!) but I insist on the test every time because that's what my consultant told me to do. Rather unusually, my TSH hardly budged after surgery and Free T4 was about the only indicator they had in my case. Always, always document your results. I haven't done so properly and regret it because I am unable to show them there has been a decrease in my results over the last five years. (I've moved countries twice in the last 8 years which doesn't help matters.)

Here is a guide to the tests. That 5.6 would be an increase if it was the result of a TSH (which they must have taken.) It could be a Free T3 test but 5.6 would be a normal result. You need to ask if they think all the tests have led them to a diagnosis. Diagnosis is strangely elusive as soon as it is the thyroid gland the docs have to diagnose. Also, if they are sure it is the thyroid when the pituitary is compromised. Benign pituitary tumours are very common. My husband and my neighbour have them.

But make sure you ask about the next steps. What tests are they going to do next? (You want to list the names.) Is there any interim treatment and if so what are the side effects/repercussions? For me they wanted to do a biopsy (Fine Needle Aspiration.) It was inconclusive so they wanted to do another. After the second one I told them they weren't doing it again no matter how inconclusive it was! Officially it was listed as partial thyroidectomy for cosmetic reasons, but actually, my doctors had decided 'if in doubt, whip it out.' I was quite astonished at that approach. I was never diagnosed with anything other than an unsightly goitre packed with nodules and was discharged to the care of my GPs, such as they are, afterwards. My test results have gradually declined but, as they are still in normal range, I'm not getting referred. Make good use of any consultant appts is my advice!


Without the range for that test, it is hard to tell although it does look like a free T3 reference. The TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which comes from the pituitary must have been high? For people who are being treated with a thyroid hormone, it's good to keep it close to 1.00 but perhaps you are not being treated because you haven't been diagnosed??

A quick read of these two articles may help you decide how to handle this situation.


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