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thyroid reads from gp on phonet

hi went to gp 3months aago as feeling very tired said might be my thyroid so did blood test then said low so doubled my dose thyroxine to 50mg then had another blood test results i just asked for today ths12.1 ts4 14 18 doc said low so upped my tabs agin to 75mg not due a nother test for two weeks what should the level be i also have rheumatiod and take methotroxate and sulphaszine 2000 mgs, my thyroid had never altered in 15 years but seems that sice jan gone downhill im wonering if its the other meds as i started methotroxate in jan can any one help me with this reads and what they should be ty

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Unfortunately I'm finding it very difficult to understand your question.

Could you please post your test results and the reference ranges so that we can comment on them. You can get this information from your GP. He MUST give it to you. Once we know what has been tested we will have a better idea about what is going on. Has he carried out all of the tests mentioned on this page from the main Thyroid UK website?

You might also like to look at this page from the main Thyroid UK website and decided whether there are any medications listed there that you are taking:

There is a lot of other information on the main Thyroid UK website regarding thyroid replacement options for example which may also be of interest to you.

Jane x


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