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It was all going so well...til it started getting colder!

It was all going so well...til it started getting colder!

Hi everyone!

Sorry its been a still rushed off my feet.

Thought id post an update..... Started t3 in January this year and returned to work, although not fixed completely, in March. I managed to raise my dose to 75mcg, felt ok but had a background fatigue and a few minor symptoms. Saw Dr P in September who said my adrenal function was almost normal and I was showing much improvement , however still hypoT and we needed to improve my cognitive function as memory is very poor .

The options were to either raise T3, stay on current dose but add in nutri thyroid or commence Armour. I tried raising the t3 by 12.5 mcg and after a while started to experience cardiac symptoms...quite uncomfy. I dropped the dose again to 75 and the cardiac issue disappeared and am symptomatic again with fatigue, very emotional, brittle nails, weight gain (after losing a stone) and very poor cognitive functioning and these are worsening with the weather. The last few shifts at work there has been tears again...over nothing much really...mainly fear of what others think, of my what seem like endless questions , which I really should know the answers to and this worsens with fatigue. Its making me feel very vulnerable. Both hubby and my manager have noticed a sharp decline in my health so its not just me.

I think its time to try armour but Dr P failed to mention where to get it from and how much it is. I know you cannot post the answer on the forum but if someone could enlighten me via pm id muchly appreciate it and if anyone has any advice regarding starting out on armour after t3. Thank you all.......and stay warm! :)

The picture is of our new pup hoping he makes you smile?

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Sorry to hear all that but I have to say that my situation is very similar to yours...I dont have time at the mo to to into much detail.. but have hardly gone out of the house the past few weeks.. apart from the odd food shopping trip.. I have had a raise in T3 for the past few months but to no avail... and would love to try NDT but dont think my Endo agrees with prescribing it and my new GP, altho listened to me and wrote down details of NDT, said she would need a specialist to agree to her prescribing it before she would consider it..

Will get back to you soon , tomorrow maybe, with further info re my hypo situation, after 28yrs on T4 and now on T3/T4 combo for the past year and not feeling much better..

Take care



Snap. I was on top of the world over the summer, spent Sept and some of Oct abroad where I was running 3-6 miles every day in the sunshine, and within two weeks of returning to the UK I was feeling ill again. Like you Sylvia, I'm not going out. I haven't been out on my own in a week and before that it was also about a week. I'm guzzling that vitamin d like it's going out of fashion.

I'm on t3/t4 combo. My t3 was a little high in Oct but I feel so rubbish now I suspect that I'm a little low. I've trying a little less t4 and a bit more t3 now. Fingers crossed.


your adrenal function is 'almost back to normal', which means it is not normal yet....

cardiac symptoms with T3 are mainly due to cortisol problems, what symptoms did you have?. I can't remember if you had low or high cortisol and if low have you done/tried the CT3M approach?

were you on any glandulars and if so have you stopped these at least 2 weeks before the saliva test? and if on HC at least 2 months before?


Gluten sensitivity can affect the conversion of T4 into T3 in the gut - just a thought. Check out Suzy Cohen.....

Do hope you soon feel better....


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