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I'm 5 weeks pregnant with a high TSH level of 9.6, could this be causing me to feel hungry all the time?

Last year I suffered a miscarriage and then I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My TSH was then at 15. I'm now 5 weeks pregnant and my recent tsh came back at 9.6, this goes up and down and the lowest it has been is 2.7 two months ago. About 30 mins after I eat I feel very sick and could eat again, is there a link between the thyroid function not working correctly and being pregnant? is this a dangerous sign my body is working overtime to cope with the pregnancy?

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Your doctor should be following the guidelines for dealing with pregnant women who suffer from hypothyroidism. You need an immediate raise in your medication. Don't hang about - see your doctor asap. You should also be getting thyroid function tests at least every 4 weeks.

Read the guidelines here :

Click on each of the tabs on the left hand side that relate to pregnancy. Try and stick to the same conditions every time you get your blood tests done - same time of day (preferably first thing in the morning), and choose to eat or not eat, but whichever you choose, be consistent with the food and drink and the timing. Since you are pregnant it seems sensible to eat beforehand.

Good luck!


I would ask to be referred to an endocrinologis. Maybe your GP doesn't know how best to treat pregnant patients who are hypothyroid. It looks as if your dose isn't high enough if your TSH is rising.


Absolutely you should not hang about. Insist on a doctors appointment first thing and demand enough thyroid meds to get your tsh down to somewhere near to 1.

Good luck. G x

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