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Problems with this site anyone ?

When I click onto a post that has come in with the alert e-mail - The Page Cannot be found - comes up. I then have to do it again and just sometimes it works on the second attempt - but not always ! Whenever I am reading a post the yellow banner is always showing that there is an error please try again - even when there isn't one. Also when going onto News Feed and clicking an item - it just remains on News Feed - so I have to find another route !

Have written several e-mails to the HELP people and always get the same e-mail back saying they read every one they receive and are doing their best to resolve matters. Have been through the FAQ's and cannot find anything relevant. So no help so far - after reporting problems for a week.

Am not a techno babe and there is probably a very simple solution - I just haven't found it. Ah yes have done Refresh as well !!

Maybe someone else has a problem - have been half expecting a similar post so I could learn - alas none !

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yes same here for almost a week


...thank you ! Had a PM from someone too who couldn't even access the post to reply ! So something is not right !


Hi Marz, Had something like this a couple of months ago, it took them about a fortnight to put right. Janet.


Thank you for letting me know !


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