totally off topic but a memory brag (sorry if not allowed)

totally off topic but a memory brag (sorry if not allowed)

while on levo i was getting such memory problems where i couldnt for the life of me remember simple crochet stiches that it was frustrating me

My grandaughter is a huge nightmare before christmas fan and lovesjack skellington and sally so i thought id attemp to make her the dolls for christmas

i started jack yesterday and finnished today

i cant find a pattern for sally but can use the pattern for jack and make a bit smaller

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  • Very neat, well done, she will love them :-)

  • thankyou im sure she will be over the moon

  • Lovely, Mandy. She'll be so pleased. I've just started knitting Peppa Pig for my grand daughter for Christmas. Hope it doesn't end up looking like a Gloucester Old Spot! x

  • thankyou......i cant knit to save my life lol i attempted a womble last year and he ended up looking like a blob with a nose......good luck with peppa pig

  • LOL :-)

  • Lovely Mandy. Reminds me of all the toys my Mum (RIP) used to make for all the children in our family, and sometimes, I think, for herself- she just loved to knit and crochet. Me too, but haven't the time at the moment. Janet.

  • Wow! - This is great! My Autistic son collects knitted voodoo dolls ( Not as scary as it sounds! )& he thought this was fab :)

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