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Hi, My name is Joy and I am 42 years old. I recently found a lump in the right side of my neck and duly took myself off to the doctors to get it checked out along with another problem in that I have endometriosis and have had ovarian cysts removed on two occasions and was having pain problems again. My doctor is fairly easy going and I didnt expect to get much reaction from her to be honest but after examining my neck she decided to send me to a specialist and said she thought I had a cyst on my thyroid. (She also said to come back for a blood test which I did. The results came back slightly overactive thyroid).

Luckily through work I have private health insurance. Initially I was sent for an ultrasound scan on my neck which confirmed a cyst on my thyroid. When I went to see the actual consultant he was so lovely, looked up my nose with this thing (sorry dont know what it is called lol) and asked me to say "hey". One of the things he did say "you may have to have that out". Anyway I was sent for a fine needle aspiration on it which was done a week or so ago and another doctor drained it and sent the contents to be checked. He also sent me immediately for a blood test, (I saw the word "antibodies" on the form but nothing else). I have subsequently had another blood test done at the doctors and the results have come back higher than before and that this should be discussesd. When I spoke to the nurse to get results I asked whether I should make an appointment and her reply was "No, just when you are next in". I quickly said this could be years so would make an appointment. I am due to see my consultant at the hospital again next week for FNA results so thought I would get that out of the way before returning to my doctor.

Sorry for the long post. I am new to all this so not sure what is going to happen, not sure what blood tests have been done or whether I will indeed be diagnosed with anything.

Have been very very tired recently and started with aching back but today when I got out of bed I ached all over, this isnt like me usually but I dont want to put it down to what potentially could be going on with my thyroid.

Joy xx

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Hi Joy and welcome aboard.

Sounds like you are being well looked after by your GP and private consultant but I would like to advise you on one thing - ask for copies of ALL test results, whether they be bloods or anything else, you must get copies to a) be able to keep an accurate record and check on things yourself and b) so that you can post results on here for advise on anything you are unsure of, without blood results to post it is hard for people on here to be able to help you.

Moggie x


So sorry to hear your story. First things first, go to your surgery and ask the receptionist for a print out of your blood test results. You are entitled to these so don't take no for an answer, you don't have to see a doctor for them. Hopefully the la ranges will be on there too. Maybe ask for the past few blood tests.

Then let us know what they are. I am purely guessing here but docs wait until your tsh goes above 10 before they will treat. Sounds like you have thyroid antibodies though, and you are aching, and maybe have other symptoms? Have a read through information on the main Thyroid UK website.



Thanks for your replies, I really appreciate your advice and will definitely ask for my test results. I have just had a bit of a shock, had the FNA done last Thursday and my small goitre has come back again :( I didnt realise this would happen. My hospital appointment is Wednesday next week so hopefully will find out more then. xx


Hi Neve,

get those blood tests... I have nodules on thryoid and had FNA - before I asked for that was going to have half thryoid out, glad I didn't now... been on drugs but reducing and taking very hard look at health - ditched wheat, caffeine, cut down on booze and take supplements to support gut health... you may be perimenopausal too that can affect thryoid... acupuncture and massage has really helped me too...


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