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Where to start don,t know wether to laugh or cry

Asked surgery for print out of blood results from when i had my TT(2007)they have only been computerized since 2009 so got them from then.I was amazed ,

free t4 (9.2-24.5) TSH(0.20-4.50) ranges

bloods on 19/06/2009 T4 16.6 TSH 0.19 result excessive replacement therapy (levo lowered )

30/10/2009 T4 18.3 TSH 3.19 results suggest slighty inadequate replacement (levo not changed)

20/01/2010 T4 12.4 TSH 8.46 (levo highered by 25)

Just a small example ,I see a endo and he keeps my TSH at the lower end eg 0.04 .I could not understand why i was on a roller coaster ride .since my op in may 2007 i have had my levo changed 17 times.I had thought for a while that endo and gp were keeping me on different levels,I see the endo in two weeks ,do you think i am in the right do say that the gp is not doing a very good job, as he writes my results to them every visit and says i'm ok so they cannot be taking a blind bit of notice.

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You can pay £50 and get ALL your medical notes - electronic and paper.

How do you feel?


From when you requested your records how long did you have to wait, And are all your gp appointments notes included.


Mad,angry,they have just been keeping me at the lower end ,the one blood results thats 0.19 they could of just left levo as it was,The one sentence on the blood results says,for adequate replacement the TSH should be 0.5-2.0,so when i was 3.19 why did'nt they higher my levo.I had a idea it was them making me ill and have mentioned this to them ,but they just palmed me off.NO MORE .I am seeing the endo in 2 weeks am going to talk to him about it ,then pay the gp a visit see what they got to say.I am determined to stand my ground and get things sorted.And i have to say if it was not for this site and all you people on here i would never had the courage or know how to try and get things sorted ,so thank you all.


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