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Lemtrada (Alemtuzumab) for Multiple Sclerosis - and thyroid issues

Lemtrada (Alemtuzumab) for Multiple Sclerosis - and thyroid issues

Thought this of potential general interest. Sorry but I have only quoted a couple of paragraphs - please follow the link to read more.

Sanofi’s multiple sclerosis treatment Lemtrada may not offer enough benefit to patients to outweigh risks including cancer, U.S. regulators said. Securities linked to the drug’s success plummeted.

Lemtrada’s “serious and potentially fatal safety issues,” which include the risk of autoimmune and thyroid diseases, may make the medicine too dangerous to approve unless there is substantial clinical benefit shown, Food and Drug Administration staff said in a report today. Agency reviewers also questioned whether Sanofi conducted adequate trials to prove the annual infusion works.

Bloomberg is primarily concerned with financial news - hence the emphasis!

Lemtrada is another name for Alemtuzumab. This is the Wiki article on it:


Image is taken from Wiki article.

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