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Problems with obtaining hypothyroid diagnosis or medication?

If you, friends, or family, have experienced prolonged ill health due to hypothyroidism, please sign the World Thyroid Register.

To help improve current methods of diagnosis and treatment, thousands of signatures are needed.

Go to and click on the "methods of registration" page to sign.

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Pardon me for mentioning - but some of the updates on the WTR are from 2010 - perhaps I have missed something.


Went to sign bot saw reference that it is for people who are undiagnosed, how can it be a world thyroid record if people who do not have a diagnosed thyroid issue are on there ?


Hi Helen.

Not sure what you mean?

The World Thyroid Register (WTR) website can be signed by anyone who would like changes to be made to the way hypothyroidism is currently diagnosed and treated. I think the home page of the website explains more.

Hope that clears up any confusion?

PS The reference on the WTR website to people who have not been diagnosed is a reference to the many people living with symptoms of hypothyroidism who have been given other, incorrect, diagnosis and who are therefore not receiving the treatment they need. The doctor who created the register regularly sees patients who were originally diagnosed with other conditions.


Hi Marz

haha yes i see what you mean. The thing is it is a very basic website initiated by a doctor who is an excellent health professional but not hot on technology. On the plus side this means that updates are made and the old comments can still be seen. Hope that helps.


Still worth signing on to the register all helps


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