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Breast changes and the thyroid/hashi's

Good morning all.

Last month I noticed two swollen lumps with bruising on my left breast. It was a surprise but I didn't think it was anything serious, just some cysts. I left them and eventually they disappeared. From last week my right breast started to get quite sore and itchy but with nothing visibly wrong on it. Then today I find another swollen lumpy bruise on my left breast. I think it's just a blocked duct or something inflamed underneath. Right one is still sore but it looks and feels ok.

Is it normal to experience these kind of changes with hashis/thyroid problems? I'm 29 no children (not pregnant either) and always wear well supported and good bra's.

Thanks all.

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No, its not normal and any itchy lumps should be investigated.... Don't ignore them.



If you can think of no other reason for this, I don't think it's normal or connected to thyroid so I agree with galathea.


Thank you both - I thought I read somewhere about hashi's and increase of breast disease/disorder. Docs all booked up for next week. They love me.....


penny, I really hope this doesn't scare you but I think we are both thinking of this. I would consider this urgent if you think there is any possibility. It is pretty rare so chances are it isn't but must be caught early if it is. I don't know much about it but have heard of it. If it all goes away in a day or so, perhaps it is just an isolated thing.


Wow, never heard of that before! It is very red....! Hopefully it will go away by the time I'm at the docs - will keep you all posted! xx


I do too and the odds are with you. I'm glad you are not going into a panic. Maybe it's just an infection. Some self massage can help release lymph fluid which is good for the breasts, rotating circles in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction can do this. I'll be waiting to hear what happens.


Just back from the docs. She was really lovely. It's got super veiny and painful in the armpit area. She said it was very "glandular" but might be related to my cycle so to go back in two weeks if the pain/redness is still there!


Hi penny, is there any way this could be a sebaceous type cyst? If so, hot packing would be very helpful. Many people can get these as it is common.

This can occur from using antiperspirants which clog pores. Personally a little splash with alcohol works pretty well as a deodorant.


There is a link between prolactin and tsh as both are stimulated by thyrotrophin releasing hormone, ... Thus you can be hypo and produce milk too. ....

Don't go there.....

Not the same thing as itchy bumps.....



Thank you so much Galathea! Boobs are such a pain! I think because I'm so new to all of this I just automatically think "thyroid related" before thinking of anything else :) Thank you all so much! x


Hi Pennyrose - I am glad you are not taking any chances and have made an appointment with your GP.

I am not aware of such changes being related to a thyroid condition, but whatever it is, it's not "normal" and needs investigating.


Very glad to read you are going to the GP's for a check, hope all goes well. Yes I have had all sorts of itchy lumps, I also have Hashimotos. Recently got a call back after my Mammogram, got checked and all is okay. I think a rule of thumb is to get these things checked as we really do not know and the more info we can gather individually and together the better.


Thank you so much! Absolutely, I think it's always best to get these things checked regardless of hating going to the docs!



It is best to get it checked out but not necessarily sinister or serious. I have had several checks for similar breast lumps in the past and was diagnosed with fibrocystic diease after fine needle biopsies and put on very high doses of evening primrose. Not had any problems for a long while now.

Regards my background, I have joint hypermobilty syndrome/ Ehlers-Danlos type III Hypermobility type, IBS and/or food intolerances, reynauds and basilar artery syndrome all of which I had at the time of the lumps. Had two borderline positive results for lupus in the past but eventually tested negative for that. recently found to save hashi's antibodies and symptoms of underactive thyroid but with normal tsh, gp put me on 25mcg of levo anyway as it would deteriorate and he preferred to start treating. Severe iron deficient anaemia (ferratin level 5).

Not had any further lumps since the thyroid problems so would think breast problems and thyroid not related but not impossible.

Best wishes and try not to worry too much, difficult I know.Let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed :-)



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