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Synthroid Rakes In The Money In The US

The latest results are just in and Synthroid was #2 in prescription volume with 23,407,581 and #52 in dollar volume with $843,417,754. This is from Oct. 1, 2012 to Sept. 30, 2013. For the full lists see the link. You will notice in the prescription volume list at #36 it says 'Thyroid' which may or may not be 'all other' thyroid drugs. PR

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Considering that the impression I always seem to take from the USA forums is that almost every patient says how badly they did on Synthroid, it is incredible how they keep the sales volume up. But this time they had the advantage of Levoxyl (the number two levothyroxine product) being out of the market for an extended period - until next year at least. Guess that helped quite a lot. Though at least one person said how much better they were doing on something like Mylan (than Levoxyl) when they were forced to switch and would never again take Synthroid.



Rod, I have never seen the complete numbers for the various thyroid products but this definitely shows Synthroid with the majority market share. The lists are for name brand products. Mary Shomon said in passing in her last newsletter than Armour sell about 2 million scripts per year. If

#36 is all other thyroid products that would mean the total is about 27,554,487 scripts per year here in the US which seems about right, roughly, maybe.

The other number I've always been curious about is what percentage of patients visit the various forums looking for info. Are we like the early adapters about 5% or 10% and 90% or 95% are happy with their treatment or is the number of unsatisfied thyroid patients greater. Any kind of accurate numbers seem illusive at best. The pharmaceutical numbers at least give a fairly good picture of those that have been diagnosed. PR


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