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Eltroxin/Mercury Pharma debate

Thought I'd give an update on my stopping MP generic levo after Eltroxin was withdrawn.

It has been just over a week of not taking 50mcgs MP levo. My t4 levels via MP levo have obviously dropped slowly. And, I have carefully and slowly introduced in 1/4 gr increments, an additional grain of NDT as a replacement. So, I am now on a total of 3 grains NDT (previously 2 gr).

My leg muscle aches are much improved and I am hoping for this improvement to continue. Also my back muscles do not ache so much. I feel that my head/eyes feel clearer. I will stay on 3 grains NDT for now as I feel ok and adjust accordingly. My adrenals are ok so the change has been easy to cope with.

I personally feel that there is a tangible difference between MP generic levo and Eltroxin. I definitely felt worse on the MP levo with far worse aching muscles and headaches and a feeling of less energy.

I would also add that for me, NDT as a total replacement hormone seems to work best. Wish I'd made the jump across to solely NDT years ago. For some reason I just kept using the Eltroxin as well as NDT as I felt reasonably well.

So thank you MP for finally pushing me into choosing the right product - NDT , although I am sure this was totally unintentional on their part ! :)

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It's great its working for you and it's wonderful when you begin to feel so much better.


Well done you for taking control and not settling for second best - but haven't you got to feel sorry for non member of this site and people who aren't knowledgable enough to make informed descisions so are stuck with the MP brand of levo and all or its nasty side effects. I know I wont be trying it again in a hurry and my GP didn't seem interested in the side effects it caused me - and they wonder why people taking matters into their own hands.

Moggie x


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