Hypothyroidism in Other Species

Hypothyroidism in Other Species

It is quite astonishing how many animals have been shown to suffer from hypothyroidism.

In this case, issues with hair, sweat glands (more of them but poorly functioning), more mast cells (which are very much part of the histamine processes), "poor reproductive performance", ...

Maybe quite a few people here would at least have had an inkling what was going on... ? Before the blood tests!




Image: A male (bull) with a baby (calf) giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata at the San Francisco Zoo

Author: Brocken Inaglory

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...well that is a lovely story to start my day with - so glad someone took the trouble to sort the poor giraffe. My dog is Hypo - having lost her muzzle hair and tail too. She has crusty elbows - which did improve for a time when we last upped her dose ! I too have crusty elbows - and as I have a long neck and legs there could be some giraffe genes somewhere along the line..... :-) :-) Not sure all the in-breeding would help the cause of thyroid issues in the giraffes in the zoo either ??


and you know what rod--- the vet KNOWS and he treats them! maye we should go to a vet or a body builder????


pettals you are not far out there. I have a 19 year old cat who suffers from hyperthyroidism. First vet was useless...she was about 12 and had no idea what she was talking about. Changed practices...did it for me so could easily do it for her...the one I have now is an angel and so understanding and helpful explaining everything. Dot (the cat!) didn't say a thing he just knew from the look of her and then the blood tests. So now Dot and self both have good people looking after us. If I get into trouble again I'm going to the vet!


HA FABULOUS-- AS CRAIG FROM STRICTLY WOULD SAY-- FAB-U-LOUS-!!! i wonder what did dot say aboutthe 12 year old. my neighbours cat was thin ragged ,losing hair - yes thyroid soon had glossy black fur back....thanks to the vet..


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