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Wrote a letter to my doctor, how long do you think before I get a response?

Which was particularly blunt but I am fed up with feeling pants all the time. Getting an appointment with him is like getting tickets to see Elvis in concert!

I included the article from pulse that Louise sent me (thank you for that). I told him that I would like to try the t3 as well as the Levo. I took it in to the surgery on Monday. How long do you think is reasonable for me to chase him up?

On a completely different subject:

I also told him that the other doctors at the surgery are next to useless! My eldest saw three doctors who said he had a virus and sent me away (two in one day) I knew something was wrong and took him to the hospital and they put him straight on a drip he had a serious infection of the lymph nodes! Another doctor misdiagnosed my youngest twice and he also ended up in hospital! She actually told me it was in my head! Is there any wonder why people turn to google when ill?

Thanks for reading!


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How long it takes for a response is entirely upto the doctor, I have only once ever got a written response from mine, and that was to an official complaint, where they broke the law in regards to my being given access to my medical records. She knows I'm as good as housebound and can hardly speak on the phone. Basically I have been left with no access to medical help because she refuses to respond to any letters and I have no other form of suitable contact.

I hope your GP takes notice of what you have written and act accordingly, best of luck


I had to chase mine up after having sent her a thyroid related letter. I was generous and gave her 2 weeks.


There was nothing wrong with the response from my GP when I wrote to ask for an Endo referral - I think it took him 4 or 5 days. But when he sent a reply back he didn't want to refer me to an Endo at all.


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