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The Geochemistry of Iodine

The Geochemistry of Iodine

We have many times seen references to iodine in our environments and food. At the time, I have sometimes given very brief answers - not having suitable links to hand. This time, however, I have two links - one focussing on air/sea exchange, the other on the wider issues of iodine distribution. So I have decided to make a post of it.

As with everything in the thyroid world, what initially might appear fairly simple rapidly becomes very complicated. Even so, a browse through the pictures might give some idea. (No - I have not read every word!)

The geochemistry of iodine and its application to environmental strategies for reducing the risks from iodine deficiency disorders

Air-Sea Exchange of Iodine - Summary

If you are interested, both of these links lead on to other links... You won't be short of reading material for a while.


Image is taken from the BGS paper.

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Thanks, Rod.


Really interesting reading and still going! Thanks Rod

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