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i have a stabbing pain in my thigh....pagets?

i am hypothyroid which runs in my family but my dad also had pagets desease.i am still undergoing regular blood tests so i am not leveled out yet but i have noticed a stabbing pain in my left thigh,its dull but now its becoming more frequent and sometimes sharp enough to make me jump,as soon as i touch it its gone.is this pagets or normal hypothyroid? i am getting a lot of aches etc.

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Hi Henry

Sorry you have had no replies, this is not a proper reply either, I'm afraid, I am just posting to put the post back in latest activity.




Have you found the paget's forum the same as this one?

Is your parathyroid blood results elevated and how is your vitD, is it low as both could be out of range if you have paget's.

I can trace paget's back four generations in my family but, thankfully, so far I am clear. My poor mum is stone deaf due to paget's of the head.

Have you had any bone scans yet?

Moggie x


I get shooting pains, a sudden burning sensation and numb patches in my left thigh.

I was diagnosed with meralgia paraesthetica, if that info is of any help to you.

I've had it for years, it comes and goes.


mine is on the front of my thigh,the comdition meralgia paraesthetica effects the side of the thigh so i read.i have had nothing today though at 11.10pm. just slight this morning once.


I have the same , even in my arms, skull , shins, and so forth, I am still under investigation. One cannot clearly summise if it's hypothyroidsm, pagets or b12 deficiency. I have low vitamin d and low b12. Hope this helps. X


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