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Nobel Prize for Medicine

Nobel Prize for Medicine

This year's Nobel prize for medicine is for work on the transport of substances. Although they specifically mention "hormones" - they do not (so far as I have seen) mention "thyroid". Nonetheless it is clear that the whole process of transporting thyroid hormones around the body, through membranes and within cells is absolutely at the core of how it all works. Hopefully there will be a benefit to the world of thyroid.

This is one of the many newspaper stories - this one includes a short video which attempts very briefly to describe what it is about:

The actual Nobel page:


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Thanks for posting Rod - it's just a shame that this seems to be for work they have already done, rather than research for the future - and if one of the results of their work was the invention of levothyroxine.... DOH! lol! Although, of course, it does work for a lot of people.... ;)

Be interested to see if they are working on anything new...




Yes thanks for posting this Rod - I must admit I did feel that this work could offer the smallest glimmer of understanding to the medical prof re how the body transports and absorbs what the cells need for good health. (I'm afraid I'm always a little disappointed at the lack of basic knowledge of how the body functions! It's only the 21st century after all)


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