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i get to see a councilor tuesday

aint i the lucky one

thinking of cancelling appointment as i feel it will be a waste of time

last time i see one was after we lost my mum and she sat there for 20 minutes looking at the clock behind real help at all

maybe i should go and say yes im depressed and anxious because the dam dr's are refusing to listen to my symptons and refusing me higher dose of medication which i clearly need

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Don't cancel. Play the game. You never know - the councilor might just realise and support your case for an increase in medication. If not, just smile sweetly and don't make a further appointment.


i would agree with you 100% if it wasnt the one i seen before i felt i was on a time limit....i was hysterical and she sat there clock watching.....but on the other hand they do need to see that i am anxious and depressed through a disagreeing dr refusing to treat symptons rather than blood work


Hi counsellors are very good sometimes. The one important thing is that they do not report back to the GP etc. So ,if it was me, I would say, try and nothing to loose. It does depend a lot on the person who you are seeing as like any thing they vary.

I would also be sure I have had my TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested, on line at a well known Lab if necessary. Often now NHS can or will not do the 3 vital tests. This may show the GP that you need more help.

Best wishes,



im really still undecided on going i just feel i will be wasting 20 minutes of my time and trouble is i can get a lift there but hubby has to get kids from school which means i have to walk back too which allthough only a 5 minute walk it really does take it out of me

i do need to see dr at some point for ultrasound results allthough from what ive been told its leaning towards hashis and im going to ask for everything to be checked all vits and TSH T3 and T4 and if they dont check i will keep going back until they either kick me off their books or do them


Good for you. You need the FT3 most but then vit D ( hormonal), if low corrected calcium before treatment as ca must not go over range. Then if on treatment hopefully, from GP re test them both in 3 months takes that long. Ferritin/iron. needs to be well in range, if treatment retest in 3 months, B12+ foliates, autoimmune and hormonal, needs to be high in range, and diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal. Antibodies too a good idea.All need retests annually.

It might help with the GP if you say that you have tried counselling. A friend is one, having done a degree in it, they have to continue to receive counselling themselves to have clients. She thinks it helps every one, no matter why.I just think it might be worth a try.



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