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Hello everyone,

I'm a new post: going by the name Penwithian. I had a partial thyroidectomy thirteen years ago. O.k. until three years ago on a 100mg thyroxine per day; fatigue and weight gain in past two years. Prescribed 125mg per day. Still fatigued! and blood pressure rising alarmingly... please advise. Oh, I'm now seventy (can't believe it though). Thank you very much. Looking forward to getting to know you... Stay well. D of Penwith

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Hi Penwithian, Welcome to the site. You will find lovely people to answer your queries and the ones in admin are particularly knowledgeable. Firstly though, we shall need to know your latest blood test results with reference ranges. Have you had any recently? Very helpful if you could ask your doctor to do T3, as well as T4 and TSH. It may be that you would benefit from the addition of T3, alongside your thyroxine but we cannot know until blood tests are available. Do hope you will find the help you need. By the way, it would also be useful to have other checks done, such as a full iron panel, B12, Vit D and folate. The body needs a good supply of these to process thyroxine and often people become low in them over a period of time, when the thyroid is underactive. Your doctor should do these for you but if not it is possible to have them done privately. I believe details are on the Thyroid UK site. Good luck!


Welcome Penwithian

You have been given good advice by hennerton. If you have had a recent thyroid gland blood test, ask for a print-out of the results with the ranges and post on a new question for members to comment.

If not, ask for all those above and always get a print-out from now on for your own records and you can post if you have queries.

It may be that you are slightly undermedicated and need an increase, or the addition of T3. It is a learning curve but it could well result in good health, regardless of age,

Best wishes.


Hi Penwithian, Welcome. I'm under Truro for under-active thyroid,on T3/T4 combo at present. People here are so helpful. I'm sure you will enjoy being part of the family.x


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